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ICU Bed Electric or Mechanically, Hospital Fowler Bed and more
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Hospital Theatre & Ward Beds

ICU Bed Electric or Mechanically, Hospital Fowler Bed and more

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There are three types of hospital beds: manual, semi-electric, and fully-electric. Manual: These beds use hand cranks to adjust the bed's height and raise and lower the head and the foot.

An operating theatre is a room on a hospital site containing one or two operating tables or other similar devices.

This makes it easier to get the patient in and out of bed, and it means hospital beds come in basic size options. The size of a standard hospital bed measures 36″ wide and 80″ in length, measured from headboard to footboard.

Primary health care (PHC) addresses the majority of a person's health needs throughout their lifetime.

Intensive care unit

: a unit in a hospital providing intensive care for critically ill or injured patients that is staffed by specially trained medical personnel and has equipment that allows for continuous monitoring and life support Our patients were without question seriously ill.

Hospital theatre

They check your vital signs (blood pressure, heart rate, breathing, temperature), assess the wound for bleeding, and determine if you are pain-free or feeling nauseous. The nursing staff decide how often these observations must be done, depending on the type of surgery/procedure.

“As a Perioperative Nurse (Theatre Nurse) you are responsible for providing care to a patient during their Peri-Operative journey. “So from the admission to theatre for their surgery, their anaesthetic, surgery, recovery, and discharge home if a day case or to the ward.”

Hospital beds can lower and raise the foot and head portions of the frame. Adjustable beds independently elevate these areas. Either head or foot areas can be raised, or head and foot can be raised together to create a recliner-like contour at full incline or at slight elevations, offer a comfortable sleeping position.

Three Function Electric care bed have functions as follow: whole bed body lift up and down with balance, backside lifts up and down, leg bends and extends, legs lift up and down, etc.

At times, nurses need to make an occupied bed or prepare a bed for a client who is having surgery can anesthetic post operative, or surgical bed.