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Vase-like posts or legs on railings can be made of wood, iron, stone
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Balustrades & Handrails

Vase-like posts or legs on railings can be made of wood, iron, stone

Balusters are those vertical, vase-like posts or legs on railings that can be made of wood, iron, stone, or other materials. A balustrade is a name for that railing on a balcony, porch or terrace. A bannister is a handrail on the side of a staircase while a railing is a fence or barrier consisting of one or more horizontal rails and vertical supports. Material and finished pieces of railings and balusters can be found here.

The balustrade is (architecture) a row of balusters topped by a rail, serving as an open parapet, as along the edge of a balcony, terrace, bridge, staircase, or the eaves of a building while a handrail is a rail which can be held, such as on the side of a staircase, ramp or other walkways, and serving as a support.

The balustrade is the railing and baluster that prevents you from falling over the edge. It's also the collective name for the complete assembly of handrails, including spindles and newel posts.

Balustrades are rows of small columns below a railing commonly used for staircases and balconies. Historically they play a common part in architecture featuring most predominately being revived during the Italian Renaissance period.

A set of balusters is several posts. And a balustrade is all of those posts joined together as a unit with a railing. It can be used indoors or outdoors, for staircases, porches, terraces, balconies, and decorative structures. Guardrails contain, at minimum, posts, balusters, and a top rail.

A balustrade is a railing (handrail) and the row of balusters (posts) that support it. And yes, it is spelt "balustrade", although it is commonly misspelt as balustrade, balustrade or baluster. A balustrade can also be known as a railing, rail, bannister, handrail and parapet.

Found lining many staircases and terraces, a balustrade is a row of small columns topped by a rail. The term is derived from the form's constituent posts, called balusters, a name coined in 17th-century Italy for the bulbous item's resemblance to blossoming pomegranate flowers (balustrade in Italian).

A baluster is also referred to as a spindle, when multiplied they are called a balustrade. A baluster is a vertical rod that acts between the handrailing and the bottom of the staircase.

A bannister is called such because derived from baluster. Baluster, which links to the word balustrade, has a likeness to a wild pomegranate (called the balaustion). At the time, the railing's likeness resembled the appearance of the flower of the wild pomegranate.