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Plates and bowls of different sizes, used for serving and eating food
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Plates and bowls of different sizes, used for serving and eating food

It's time to pick through Shopbwana selection of dinnerware sets for something new! With hundreds of options in all shapes, sizes, colours, and materials there's something here for everyone. The key is figuring out what makes the right dinnerware set this time around, which requires some careful thought. First, select a material. Common materials are glass, ceramic, stoneware, and melamine, although there are also metal and wooden options. Second, choose a size. Third, choose a colour or scheme. There is something for everyone here.


  • Dinner Plates,
  • Luncheon Plates,
  • Cups and Saucers,
  • Salad Plates,
  • Fish Plates,
  • Dessert Plates,
  • Bowls, and.
  • Bread-and-Butter Plates.

Get porcelain, bone china, or stoneware for everyday use because such pieces are affordable, easy to care for, and sturdy. We recommend starting with one set of dinnerware that's casual enough for morning cereal but still elegant enough for a dinner party.

Tableware also known as dinnerware or crockery are the dishes or dishware used to set a table, serve and display food. It includes cutlery, glassware, serving dishes and other useful items for practical as well as decorative purposes. Tableware is used to set a table for eating a meal or for serving food.

Bone china, earthenware, porcelain, melamine and stoneware are the most common dinnerware materials.

Dishes — plates, bowls, and cups — are crockery. If you don't have a dishwasher, you'll have to wash all the crockery from your dinner party by hand. Crockery most often refers to everyday ceramic tableware, rather than fine, expensive china.