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Lighting Accessories

Browse for a new lamp shade, picture lights, a new lamp finial and more

Find a full range of lighting accessories on Shopbwana. Browse for a new lamp shade, picture lights, a new lamp finial, light bulbs, night lights, security timers and more. A full assortment of both wall and line dimmers that will repay for themselves many times over by adding new functionality and flexibility to your existing lighting. Whether it's the simple charm of an accent light or functional lighting control, ShopBwana has what you need to get the most out of your home lighting. Looking for something new? Browse our new battery-powered candle lights that mimic real candle power lighting, right down to a realistic flicker effect. For a unified design look, match your new lighting accessory with Shopbwana table lamps, floor lamps, wall lighting and home accents to create a total lighting look for your home.

Lighting accessories you need to know.

Rope lighting. When looking to add a lighting accessory to your location, whether home or business, rope lighting is one of the most versatile options




Occupancy sensors

Shatterproof bulbs

Track lighting

Undercabinet lighting

Recessed Cove Lighting Fixture

A recessed cove fixture is mounted in a light cove, which is built above the ceiling at the intersection of the ceiling and the wall. These fixtures typically direct the light toward the wall. It is important that trim at the edge of the cove is tall enough to hide the lighting fixture otherwise the lamp may be visible, which is unappealing.

Indirect Pendant Lighting Fixture

Indirect pendants hang from the ceiling and are usually suspended from cables. The lamp is completely hidden from below and a reflector directs all of the light up toward the ceiling. This type of fixture offers a softer and more even distribution of light within the space. It is best used for general lighting and is not appropriate for task lighting. The ceiling color should be light so that it reflects as much light as possible.

Direct / Indirect Pendant Lighting Fixture

A direct / indirect pendant also hangs from the ceiling, but it directs light up and down. These types of fixtures are used a lot in offices where general lighting is required, but there is also a need for task lighting immediately below the fixture. Direct / indirect fixtures are designed in variations that distribute differing amounts of light up and down so that a designer has control over the light distribution.

Recessed Lighting Fixtures

Recessed lighting fixtures are the most common fixtures used in commercial and institutional construction. Fixtures are sized to work with common ceiling tile sizes. While fluorescent lamps have been most popular in the past, many facilities are shifting to LED fixtures because they last longer and require less maintenance.

Wall Wash Light Fixtures

Wall wash fixtures are recessed lights with reflectors that direct the light toward the wall. They are most often used to highlight art, signage, or other items on a wall. The diagram above shows recessed wall wash fixtures, but they can also be surface mounted to the ceiling, which allows them to be aimed easily.

Wall Sconce

A wall sconce is a decorative fixture that is mounted to a wall. They provide general room lighting, but are mostly decorative.

Task Lighting

Task lighting is a generic description for lights that are used to illuminate specific tasks or work that is being done. Task lights can be lamps, lights mounted to desks, under cabinet lights, or any lighting that helps people see their work better. It is highly recommend that the temperature of task lighting match the overall room temperature.

Under Cabinet Light Fixtures

Lights are often mounted below cabinets so that tasks on the counter below can be seen easily. These can be found in homes and offices and are generally controlled from a nearby switch or a switch on the light fixture. Like task lighting, we recommend that under cabinet fixtures be selected to match the colour temperature of the overall room lighting.

Brass Will Remain As The Popular Finish. Elegant spherical lighting with brass finish. Since we are expecting warmer colors for this year, brass finishes and fixtures are here to stay. Homeowners have fallen in love with earthy and warm tones.