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For dry food, wet food, water and food products that are loved by your pet
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Pet Bowls & Feeders

For dry food, wet food, water and food products that are loved by your pet

Find Pet bowls, feeders, and waterers on Shopbwana. These helpful products for pet owners to meet their animal companions’ nutritional needs and every pet deserves a dedicated spot of their own where they can eat and drink. There are plenty of different kinds of pet bowls, feeders, and waterers designed to make your pet’s mealtime more comfortable. Ceramic bowls are sturdy, which helps them to resist slipping and sliding on floors. Plastic bowls also come in a number of shapes, sizes, and styles. Stainless steel bowls are extremely durable and lightweight. They are easy to clean and rust-resistant. Check up Shopbwana frequently as we add products daily.

One reason is that if two or more dogs are fed from the same bowl, unless the owner is standing over them at every meal, he or she can't know how much each dog is eating. It's important to monitor your dog's appetite as a sign of his general well-being.

Slow feeders are good for dogs because they slow down the rate at which dogs can eat their food. Slow feeders make it impossible for dogs to gulp down food, which lessens the amount of air they take in with their food. This reduces the risk of the dog choking, vomiting, or getting bloat.

Just about everyone agrees that stainless steel is the best overall option for pet food bowls. It's very durable (won't crack or break if dropped), relatively light and easy to carry, and easy to clean.

Platters can slow dogs down, and they're the more natural way for pets to eat. The founder of Mine Pet Platter, Carol, is a Zoologist that studied animal behaviour and focused on how they eat naturally.

While cheese can be safe to feed to your dog, there are some things to remember. Cheese is high in fat, and feeding too much to your dog regularly can cause weight gain and lead to obesity. Even more problematic, it could lead to pancreatitis, a serious and potentially fatal illness in dogs.

For larger dogs, raised dog bowls make the process of drinking water easier as the water flows easier down their esophagus. It also puts less strain on their neck, and if they're old or suffer from any physical conditions, it can reduce the pressure on joints and bones.

Glass dishes are safe because they are non-porous, easy to keep clean, and won't hold on to any harmful microbes or bacteria. However, just like with ceramic dishes, regularly check the dish for chips and cracks, and don't use it if your pooch eats like a Tasmanian devil.

Many vets agree that you should wash your dog's bowl daily… Dog bowl with dry food – If you feed with kibble, your dog's bowl should be washed daily, after the final meal of the day. Dog bowl with wet food – If you feed with canned food or raw meat, your dog's bowl should be washed and sanitized after every meal.

A slow feeder dog bowl prevents most dogs from vomiting and this is due to the fact of smaller portions sizes of food being consumed at a time. This allows the food to digest more effectively.

If you have noticed your pet scarfing down their food at record speeds, it may be time to consider a slow feeder bowl. "The ridges and barriers in a slow feeder create a bit more work for your pup at meal time, as the food is a bit harder to access as quickly,"

An automatic dog feeder is usually structured somewhat like a gumball machine—there is one large compartment that stores your dog's food and another smaller, dish-like compartment where the food goes into and is available to the dog.