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Industrial for Rent

Industrial property includes manufacturing buildings, warehouses and multi-use spaces. These spaces may be used for product or goods production, storage, fulfillment, or distribution. This property is grouped into three sizes, namely small, large and very large.

Small industrial sites - Include single or double story buildings that are categorized for industrial use. These often have flexible interior spaces, usually a mixture of warehouse and office space and usually used by small business such as workshop, research laboratories and start-up business.

Large industrial properties - Include medium to large warehouses and factories designed to produce or store goods. They include distribution companies such as third-party logistics (3PLs).

Large industrial property - These large industrial spaces are used as logistics and distribution centers that store and then distribute finished goods to shops and/or directly to customers. Types of warehouses such as the Warehouse of Amazon storage and Warehouse E-Commerce.

Before you rent industrial property

Here, we are going to give you everything you need to know about finding and tenting the perfect industrial property for your business.

  • Determine your commercial industrial space needs - The nature of your business ultimately determines the type of property that best fits your business needs.
  • Locate the right commercial industrial property - Online property databases make it easy to start your search from the comfort of your own home or office. Once you’ve narrowed down the type of property that’s the right fit for your business, you can use online databases to compare properties that meet your specific criteria.
  • Visit commercial industrial properties - The next step is to make appointments to see the commercial properties in person. A warehouse may look perfect online, but only once you’ve done a thorough walk-through of each property will you be able to assess whether it meets your unique needs. You should also thoroughly describe your needs to the real estate agent, who may be able to make recommendations about the properties or point out potential problems. Your real estate agent will also be aware of any zoning issues. For example, manufacturing processes that use certain chemicals or hazardous materials may be forbidden from operating in certain areas.