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Industrial property is one of the most popular property investment types.
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Industrial for Sale

Industrial property is one of the most popular property investment types.

Industrial real estate is any property used by manufacturers, retail wholesalers, warehouse users, and distributors. In Zambia, industrial property has become one of the most popular property investment types. If you want to invest with success in industrial property, here are a few tips that will teach you to stay on the successful side of purchasing industrial property.

Affordability - The first reason is affordability, which translates to higher return on investments, greater cash flow, and faster growth

Never buy a property you have not seen - There is never a situation where it is wise to purchase industrial real estate property without seeing it first. In most cases, industrial real estate investments are the biggest financial investments people have ever made. It would be very unwise to invest so much money into a property, you haven’t physically been to. It is irresponsible and poor stewardship.

You need guiding principles - When you purchased your home, you had guiding principles that helped you find what you were looking for. You knew the neighbourhood you wanted to be in, the number of bedrooms you needed, and even the amenities that you wanted. You also need a set of guiding principles if you are investing in industrial real estate.

Non-industrial means land, buildings or structures or parts thereof used or intended to be used other than for residential or industrial, including but not limited to retail, service, office, hospitality, motor vehicle service, entertainment and recreation, and commercial parking lot.

Commercial real estate is at the top of many investors’ wish lists, and for good reason: it has proven to be a lucrative endeavor time and time again. However, if you are buying commercial property, it is important to understand that increased reward can also mean increased responsibility. That’s why it is crucial to mind your due diligence and follow sound practices.

As you might expect, commercial properties are a departure from traditional single-family investments. From crunching numbers to raising capital, buying commercial real estate requires more of an investor. That said, with the right dedication, you can learn how to take on more complex properties. The following guide will walk you through buying commercial real estate and help you get started today.

What Is Commercial Property?

Commercial property is any real estate property that is specifically used for business purposes. Commercial property is defined as buildings that house businesses, land with a primary purpose of generating profit, and residential rental properties. Using a building as a commercial property affects financing on the property, tax treatment, and specified laws on the building.

Types of Commercial Property

There are five different categories of commercial property that you can invest in. These include office spaces, industrial, retail, hospitality, or multifamily properties.

Commercial office spaces can be further categorized by classes A, B, or C. Class A office spaces are the higher-end spaces that have been recently updated and are more competitively priced. Class B office spaces are less competitive and typically renovated after purchase. Class C office spaces are much older buildings (typically over 20 years old) that need immediate maintenance.

Industrial, commercial real estate spaces are factories, plants, or warehouses used to manufacture and distribute products. On the other hand, retail commercial spaces are used for the selling of products and services. These can be malls, shopping centers, or stores.

Hospitality commercial real estate includes hotels, motels, and even some forms of short-term rentals. Finally, multifamily commercial real estate buildings are residential properties that include five or more dwelling units such as apartment buildings and complexes.