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A small holding of agricultural land smaller than a small farm for Rent
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Small Holding for Rent

A small holding of agricultural land smaller than a small farm for Rent

A smallholding is a property with more land than a garden, but less than a farm. The land is mostly used for productive mixed crops and livestock rearing. The difference between smallholding and a farm are blurred but basically a smallholding is just a very small mixed farm – small being relative to the size of farms in that particular society. Generally speaking, a smallholding is anything smaller than 50 acres, but this covers a wide range of anything from garden-sized plots to holdings spanning multiple acres of land. If your goal is to become totally self-sufficient, then five acres for a family-sized holding is a good rough estimate to start with.

Negotiating small holding rates rental rates can be challenging. Generally, landowners and tenants want to be fair with each other and don’t want to be taken advantage of. Landowners need to cover the costs associated with owning land. Tenants need land in order to grow a crop and generate income. Most landowners and farmers alike want an easy way to determine fair rent prices. However, if market prices become volatile it can complicate the situation. When prices and yields are good, farmers can afford to pay more for rent but, when commodity price recede, like they have recently, their ability to make higher rent commitments are eroded.

There are a number of factors that affect the value of land for rent purposes including productive capacity of the field, accessibility and local farmer competition for land. Below is a list of some items to consider when evaluating the amount that should or could be charged for cash rent:

  • Nutrient content of soil
  • Crop productive index
  • Cropping history
  • Crop production level (yields)
  • Herbicide application history
  • Drainage tile
  • Surface drainage
  • Field size
  • Access/obstructions
  • Proximity to wildlife cover