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There is land for residential, farming as well as industrial use.
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Vacant Land for Sale

There is land for residential, farming as well as industrial use.

Looking for vacant land? Here you will find Zambian real estate companies that have listed a wide selection of land around the country. There is land for residential, farming as well as industrial use. Most companies take pride in procuring/advertising the best raw land for an incredible value. Each property sold is reasonably priced according to its market value. No matter what your dream for the land is, there is a lot for you. Find here featured listings of vacant land. View and you might just be enjoying your land soon!

Non-Zambians can acquire land under the following conditions: He/she is a permanent resident in Zambia. He/she is and investor falling under the Zambia Development Agency Act or any other law permitting investment in Zambia.

"The only downside is that foreigners can't own property in Zambia unless they are permanent residents or own a company in the country. "A large percentage of buyers are South Africans who have set up businesses and bought both commercial and residential properties.

Every Zambian has the right to own land and the Ministry of Lands working with other Ministries like Foreign Affairs, Local Government and Commerce, want to positively enhance and support opportunities to the diaspora so that they can own land that can be used for investment or build properties.

The upmarket suburb of Leopard's Hill in Lusaka, Zambia is considered one of the most affluent suburbs in the area.

According to the Lands Act (1995), all land in Zambia belongs to the state. Customary land is held in trust by the president through the traditional authorities, Zambia's 288 chiefs.

How do I apply for land in Zambia?

  • Recommendation from the Ministry of Works and Supply;
  • Offer letter from the Ministry of Lands;
  • Acceptance of offer by paying lease charges;
  • Get clearance from Ministry of Finance;
  • Submit survey diagrams;
  • Client to sign lease;
  • Commissioner of Lands to sign lease;

For persons who wish to bestow their Zambian Citizenship, the procedure is as follows:

Complete Bestowal of Citizenship applications forms (Form VII) (only available at the Embassy)

Pay prescribed processing fee of Three hundred Zambian Kwacha (K300) or its equivalent (at time of the in-person Consular Interview.

Currently all land in Zambia is state land and the ownership is vested in the president; there is no private land in the country. Titles of land owned by foreigners are for 99 year state leases and ownership is not conferred.

To apply for acquisition of customary land, the applicant is required to submit the application in a letter form as it requires brief discussion of the purpose or proposed development which the State ought to knowledge for the purpose of issuance of Instruction for Land Investigation.

Lusaka City, has a combined wealth of around $11 billion. It is also one of the fastest growing cities in Africa.