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Contractors use clamps to temporarily hold two pieces of material securely in place.
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Contractors use clamps to temporarily hold two pieces of material securely in place.

Carpenters, metal fabricators and building contractors use clamps to temporarily hold two pieces of material securely in place. Here, you can shop C-clamps, bar clamps, pipe clamps, deep-throat bar clamps, one-handed bar clamps, spring clamps, ratchet-action band clamps, mitre clamps, hand screws and more at great prices. With all these variations of clamps, it can be a challenge for you to keep track of which one to use for your job. Feel free to consult your supplier of choice. They are always happy to recommend the best clamp for your project.

Spring Clamp - Spring Clamps are handheld clamps that are functional via a tension spring. These Clamps are strong in nature and securely positioned in place, also hold tightly, and do not separate the object.

Sash Clamp - Sash clamps are commonly used for large projects like doors, cabinets, sash windows, and tabletops. Generally, more than one clamp is used at a time for ensuring a strong grip on the projects. These sash clamps have a long flat bar which is very heavy and a fixed jaw is attached to it.

Bench Clamps - Bench clamps are used for holding the item or object in a popper place on a bench. Also, bench Clamps are generally used for woodworking. These bench clamps are ideal to fix wood in the correct place during drilling, sawing, and planning. The Bench Clamps are made up of metal and come in various designs and shapes, sizes. That is an inexpensive tool that is most important in carpentry.

Web Clamps or Strap Clamps - Web Clamps are commonly used in furniture and woodworking. These clamps are used to cord or fabric belt that straps around an object and then lock solid corners. Web Clamps can be used without a corner piece if you are working with an object you are concerned about damage.

Pipe Clamps - Pipe Clamps as the name suggest are intended to use with pipes and are also known as a glueing clamp due to their primary use is for holding an object in place for glueing. Also, pipe clamps work similar to the sash clamps but pipe clamps have a cylindrical shaft shape. This is a cylindrical shaft that goes around the pipe and can be tight and end up with a screw. The clamp jaws are easily adjustable but give a firm holding in a wide number of positions.

Wire Rope Clamps - Wire Rope Clamps are made up of metal materials with bolts that hold everything together. The wire rope clamps are a special type of clamp that is not available easily in local hardware stores and are also known as wire rope clips. That main purpose is for fixing a wire rope and loose piece of wire.

Merman Clamps - are circular in shape and made up of metal materials. Those places where the bolt is fixed and which can be able t tighten or loosen the clamps. Marman Types of Clamps are generally used for holding together two pipes or cylindrical objects and they can make an easy bracket and it is good for releasing items. That band clams are generally utilized in aircraft and lying on a fuel pipe due to their ductility and strengthen the property.

Bench Vise Clamps - Bench Vise clamps have a fixed jaw, which can be easily adjusted with the help of a Screw.

MITRE Clamps - A MITRE Clamps as the name suggest is a type of clamp that holds two items in a proper place that has a mitre joint. This is a two-piece of wood that is pushed together by clamps so that it is held in a tightening. Also, Basic MITRE Clamps are made up of a C -section for holding a piece in the proper position. MITRE Clamps are available in different types and manufacturing in different parts, for making tools that are more reliable, functional, and versatile. Some MITRE Types of Clamps have right-angled clamps and others have a moveable jaw.

Quick Action Clamps - Quick-Grip Clamps are also known as one-handed clamps and the designed with a mechanism that allows the user for releasing a workpiece in one quick movement. Different types of Quick Action Types of Clamps are available such as Spring Clamps, trigger Clamps, and Lever Clamps.

G or C Clamps - G or C Clamps are widely used and it is a versatile type of clamp. C Clamps are used either for holding an object or to clamp two pieces of work object together. The opening of the jaw can range from around one inch to eight inches; the manufacturing process is very easy and available in varieties of sizes and designs. So that you can select according to your requirements of the work projects. Also, it is suitable for the uneven surfaces of work due to its swivel-type head and same as even surface of work.

These G Clamps are suitable for the uneven surface of work due to their swivel type head and also fit for even surfaces.

Locking Clamps - Locking Clamp A Locking Clamp has the best feature on it that allows movement quickly released or locked in a single swift function with the use of an integrated lever. The locking clamps have a square shape and a wide opening jawline so that it is designed for large clamping. The unique design of the clamp jaw holds a tapered work object and an irregularly shaped object. The jaws of locking clamps are available in different types of shapes and designs that differentiate their function of it.

Hand Screw Clamps - Hand Screw Clamps are commonly used for metalworking and are also known as Toolmaker clamps. The jaws of Hand Screw Clamps are easily adjustable and hold an angle material in the workplace. Nowadays hand screws are available in wooden versions and generally, that is made in steel construction which makes a long-lasting and hard, durable.

Trigger Clamps - Trigger Clamps are easily fitted using only one hand so that is sometimes known as one-handed clamps. The Trigger Clamps are strong, durable, and reliable also it is easily available in the local market. As the name suggests trigger clamp, has a trigger mechanism for adjusting the jaw of the clamp. This trigger will be controlled either by lever or button so that it responds easily and quickly.

Drill Press Clamps - A Drill Press Clamps specifically designed for holding the material specimen and boards by the drill press table. The use of a table every time takes a neat and clear-cut result. Generally, these clamps come with the easiest way to adjust and give a quick response

Picture Frame Clamps - As the name suggests Picture Frame was used for a creation of a frame with the help of fitting together four-piece of a mitre joint. These types of clamps are basically set in a rectangular and square shape.

The clamps are fixed with a glued so they can tightly and neatly fit and give a strong construction and good look.

Flooring Clamps - Flooring clamps are used for groove and tongue flooring and it is large in size. These floor clamps are tightly fixed to the floorboards and the carpenter can nail them down and secure them. So that flooring will not be moved or separate from the actual place. Also, the one flooring clamp is sufficient to secure ten flooring boards in place at a time.

Speed Clamps - or Bar Clamps are sometimes known as an F-Clamp due to their shape look like F Latter. These clamps are is flat long in shape and made up of a metal bar, which holds two jaws of clamps in a parallel position. These extensive bars are allowing the use of wide workpieces effectively and make them an essential tool for heavy-duty work. The Speed Types of Clamps are available in different types such as sash clamps, pipe clamps, and T-bar Clamps.

Hose Clamps - A Hose Clamps are similar to the Marman Clamps in function-wise and appearance. These Hose clamps are available in various styles and types and generally, it is suitable in the construction field and automobile field.

Also, they can give a more permanent fix as compared to tape and last longer and that comes in a spring ear, wire varieties, and screw foam with its own advantage and disadvantage.

Screw Clamps - Screw Clamps as the name suggest mechanism is just like a screw and adjust their clamp and jaws in the workplace in place. In screw, clamps include various types of clamps like a G Clamp, Edge Clamp, Rack Clamps, Wooden Hand Screw, C Clamps, and F Clamps.

Quick-Grip - A Quick-Grip Clamps are suitable for a smaller project and this grip clamp jaw is not wide so it is best for holding together a thin specimen like two different sheets of metal. Also, that is a one-handed clamp and another hand free for working with your material. Quick-Grip types of clamps have a quick response mechanism and are convenient to use them.

Cardellini Clamps - Cardellini Clamps are generally designed for holding the tubing in the proper place while that is a worked on. The Cardellini clamps hold a flat item in place such as metal sheeting, plywood, flooring, etc.

Kant-Twist Clamps - A Kant Twist Clamps are small in size but hold a wide range of materials in different circumstances, but twist clamps are generally used for metalworking and woodworking. This twist clamp is similar to the C Clamp but the only difference is a twist clamp is set at an angle so that they cannot be parallel to each other. The Kant Types of clamps are made up of alloy and steel material, also it is inexpensive to buy.

Pennington Clamps - A Pennington type of Clamps are look like a pair of slender scissors and a triangular eyelet at the tips.

Ear Clamps - Ear Clamps are metal small clamps and generally the diameter is less than 1inch. Ear clamps are commonly used for securing a pipe, couplers and hose fitting, and thin-wall applications such as a vacuum, small fuel, and automobile industries.

Parallel Clamps - Parallel Clamps have two vertical jaws with a one-handed trigger and which gives pressure to the object. Parallel clamps are mostly suitable for a spacious areas like door frames, tabletops, etc.

Corner Clamps - If you want to fix two work specimens at a 90-degree angle then a corner clamp is best for it. These clamps are only suitable for corner joints not for ordinary joints.

Cable Clamps - A Cable Clamps are a U Shaped bolt which is used for tightening the loose side of the steel rope and wires cable. Also, These Types of Clams are small in size and hold cables in their proper position and give support.