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Dies and moulds are both tools for shaping sheet metal and other metal forms.
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Dies & Moulds

Dies and moulds are both tools for shaping sheet metal and other metal forms.

Moulds and dies are used to make a variety of objects with many different media. Moulds tend to be used to produce products that need to be hollow in the middle, whereas dies are used to stamp solid products out of media such as steel.

Dies and moulds are both tools for shaping. Dies are used to shape sheet metal and other metal forms. A typical application is the making of automobile body parts. On the other hand, moulds are used in injection moulding such as with melted resin or casting molten metal.

Different Types of Dies Explained

  • Simple Die. Also known as a single operation die, the simple die is a shaping tool that performs one operation per press slide stroke
  • Compound Die
  • Progressive Die
  • Combination Die
  • Contact Standard Die International

In metal stamping, a tool can be almost any mechanical device used to cut, form, support, or mold metals. By that definition, jigs and fixtures are tools, as are drills and cutting blades. Dies, on the other hand, are only those tools that functionally change the shape of the metal.

Die casting is a metal casting process that involves feeding molten nonferrous alloys into dies under high pressure and at high speed to rapidly create molded products. The main materials used in die casting are alloys of aluminum, magnesium and zinc.

Types of Molding Processes

  • Casting. Casting is a basic molding process as it requires the least amount of complex technology
  • Injection Molding. Injection molding is used for creating high-quality three-dimensional objects, that can be commercially reproduced
  • Blow Molding
  • Compression Molding
  • Rotational Molding