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Counters are measurement units, readings at particular intervals
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Counters are measurement units, readings at particular intervals

Counting is one of the simplest basic operations. In digital logic and computing, the counter is the logic circuit that realizes this kind of operation. In the digital system, the counter mainly counts the number of pulses to realize the functions of measurement, counting, and control.

The value of the counter represents the number of clock pulses arrived at the clock input. When the clock pulses are counted in an increasing way, it is called up counter. In the down counter, the count value is decremented by one on the arrival of each clock pulses.

A counter is a device that stores and displays the number of times a particular event or process has occurred, often in relationship to a clock signal. It is a semiconductor device that is used for counting the number of times that a digital event has occurred.

The counter's output is indexed by one LSB every time the counter is clocked. Some counters can count the number of products produced from the external pulses and can keep track of on and off timings and store the data in memory as per shift timings. Browse through this category for various counters available in Zambian stores.

Counter: A type of measuring point, where a continuous reading is recorded (e.g. Milometer). In case the measuring point is a counter, it needs to be defined likewise. Counter readings are taken at counters at particular intervals and in particular measurement units.