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Used for measuring physical and electrical quantities.
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Mastech Clamp Meter 400a
Electronic Measuring Instruments
A multi-function digital clamp meter that is able to measure and read AC/DC Voltage, AC/DC Amp 400A

Electronic Measuring Instruments

Used for measuring physical and electrical quantities.

Electronic Measuring Instruments are used for measuring physical and electrical quantities. The term measurement means the comparison between the two quantities of the same unit. The magnitude of one of the quantity is unknown, and it is compared with the predefined value. The result of the comparison obtained regarding numerical value. Examples of electronic measuring instruments include Ammeter, Voltmeter, Ohmmeter, and Wattmeter. Browse through this category for various electronic measuring instruments available in Zambian stores.

Ammeter (Ampermeter) Measures current

Capacitance meter Measures the capacitance component

Current clamp Measures current without physical connection

Capacitance meter Measures the capacitance component

Current clamp Measures current without physical connection

Curve tracer Applies swept signals to a device and allows display of the response

Cos Phi Meter Measures the power factor

Distortionmeter Measures the distortion added to a circuit

Electricity meter Measures the amount of energy dissipated

ESR meter Measures the equivalent series resistance of capacitors

Frequency counter Measures the frequency of the current

Leakage tester Measures leakage across the plates of a capacitor

LCR meter Measures the inductance, capacitance and resistance of a component

Megger tester Measures Resistance of an Winding of Motor or Generator And Measures Earthing's Resistance

Microwave power meter Measures power at microwave frequencies

Multimeter General purpose instrument measures voltage, current and resistance (and sometimes other quantities as well)

Network analyzer Measures network parameters

Ohmmeter Measures the resistance of a component

Oscilloscope Displays waveform of a signal, allows measurement of frequency, timing, peak excursion, offset, ...

Psophometer Measures AF signal level and noise

Q meter Measures Q factor of the RF circuits

Tachometer Measures speed of motors

Signal analyzer Measures both the amplitude and the modulation of a RF signal

Signal generator Generates signals for testing purposes

Spectrum analyser Displays frequency spectrum

Sweep generator Creates constant-amplitude variable frequency sine waves to test frequency response

Transistor tester Tests transistors

Tube tester Tests vacuum tubes (triode, tetrode etc.)

Wattmeter Measures power in a circuit

Vectorscope Displays the phase of the colors in color TV

Video signal generator Generates video signal for testing purposes

Voltmeter Measures the potential difference between two points in a circuit. (Includes: DVM and VTVM)

VU meter Measures the level of AF signals in Volume units