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Labware, lab trays, lab pans used to transport, store. Lab utensils and instruments
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Lab Supplies

Labware, lab trays, lab pans used to transport, store. Lab utensils and instruments

Lab Supplies on Shopbwana include but are not limited to - Bottles, filter and lens paper, glass and plasticware, microscope slides and cover glass, notebooks, Petri dishes, tubes, tips, vials, wash bottles and more. Lab supplies are used for conducting controlled and precise tests, research, and experiments in laboratories. are used to measure, mix, sort, handle, dispense, and analyze lab materials precisely and efficiently. Lab consumables include a range of products for laboratory testing. Chemical test strips display readings for properties such as pH, chlorine, and water hardness. culture media in tubes, bottles, and Petri dishes.

Lab Equipment and Supplies

  • Autoclaves.
  • Balances and Accessories.
  • Batteries.
  • Beakers.
  • Bottles.
  • Boxes and Bags.
  • Brushes.
  • Burners.

Lab Essentials

  • Safety goggles. As one of the most sensitive parts of your body, your eyes are especially vulnerable when you're working with hazardous chemicals and materials
  • Eyewash stations
  • Safety showers
  • Lab coats
  • Protective gloves
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Chemical fume hoods
  • First aid kits.
  • Latex Gloves
  • Lab Coats
  • Biohazard Waste Containers
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Graduated Cylinders
  • Volumetric Flasks

Research supplies include laboratory glassware, chemicals, reagents, clinical supplies, laboratory notebooks, and data processing supplies.

Supplies category includes all disposable supplies such as chemicals, drugs, assays, lab glassware, syringes, lab notebooks, computer supplies, and software. Small equipment purchases costing less than $5,000 per item also fall into this category.

The classical equipment includes tools such as Bunsen burners and microscopes as well as specialty equipment such as operant conditioning chambers, spectrophotometers and calorimeters. Laboratory equipment is generally used to either perform an experiment or to take measurements and gather data.

Lab needs - compound microscopes, microscope slides and cover slips, Petri dishes, forceps, dissection trays and pins, nutrient agar, pH paper, universal indicator, bromthymol blue, iodine, phenolphthalein magnifying glasses, eyedroppers, plastic wash bottles, models (cell, brain, ear, eye, flower, heart, lung, skeleton, etc.)