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Includes ploughs, cultivators, seeders, planters, cutting saws, sprayers, etc
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Agricultural Tools

Includes ploughs, cultivators, seeders, planters, cutting saws, sprayers, etc

Farming can be tough at times and investing in the right equipment to get the work done is cardinal. In this category, you can buy a wide selection of tools from Zambia’s leading suppliers of agricultural tools including ploughs, cultivators, seeders, planters, cutting saws, sprayers, shovels, hoes, rakes, axes, hand sickles, wheelbarrows, as well as soil moisture and pH testers at best prices. By supplying these products, Agro dealers in this section are committed to helping you work more efficiently and improve your farm's production.

Agricultural machinery relates to the mechanical structures and devices used in farming or other agriculture. There are many types of such equipment, from hand tools and power tools to tractors and the countless kinds of farm implements that they tow or operate.

Agricultural tools

Axe: - For all kinds of primary and advanced purposes, the axe is used and employed for agricultural operations. ...

Rake: - A rake is a broom for outside use; a horticultural implement consisting of a toothed bar fixed transversely to a handle, or tines fixed to a handle, and used to collect leaves, hay, grass, etc.

Shovel: - Shovel is a tool used to dig as well as to move loose, granular materials (like dirt, gravel, grain, or snow) from one spot to another. Spade is a tool used for digging straight-edged holes or trenches, slicing and lifting sod, and edging flower beds or lawns.

Gardening Fork: - The fork can be used to loosen soil all around a perennial so it lifts gently and intact, ready to carry elsewhere to replant or pot. The spading fork is the primary tool for raised bed gardening to blend soils and turn the ground with compost for renewal

Pruning Saw: - A pruning saw is a tool with the same sharp teeth as saws used for cutting lumber. But pruning saws are intended for trimming live shrubs and trees. There are many types of pruning saws, each intended for a particular type of branch or stem.

Hedge Shears: - With such long blades, hedge shears are designed to cut a much larger area with each stroke than any other pruning tool (unless you consider a machete a pruning tool). For this reason, and since they are straight, they create long, straight edges on your plant as they cut.

Wheelbarrow. - A wheelbarrow is a small hand-propelled vehicle, usually with just one wheel, designed to be pushed and guided by a single person using two handles at the rear, or by a sail to push the ancient wheelbarrow by wind. The term "wheelbarrow" is made of two words: "wheel" and "barrow."

Hand Sickle - A sickle is a hand-held agricultural tool with a variously curved blade typically used for harvesting grain crops or cutting succulent forage chiefly for feeding livestock (either freshly cut or dried as hay). Many variants of hand sickles are used across many cultures.

Hoes - A garden hoe usually has a 6″ blade for soil preparation, while a weeding hoe will have a 1 3/4″ pointed blade to lift out weeds. Draw hoes are tools that are pulled toward the user to accomplish a variety of tasks including weeding, soil cultivation, digging and making furrows.

For carrying out various horticultural operations, one needs different kinds of tools and equipment, such as hand cultivator, harrow, spade, secateurs, hand trowel, garden fork, sprinklers, rake, pruning saw, spray pumps, grass shear, budding and grafting knives, etc. The number of hand tools available for farming is extensive. Find the suppliers that will give you the tools you need to get the job done.