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Pesticides used to kill ticks and mites on host animals by dipping livestock and pets
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Pesticides used to kill ticks and mites on host animals by dipping livestock and pets

Acaricides are pesticides that kill members of the arachnid subclass Acari, which includes ticks and mites. Acaricides are used in agriculture. Application of acaricides is adopted during the rainy season to destroy the maximum number of ticks and to stop their multiplication. Insecticide sprays containing permethrin or bifenthrin are effective against many mites and should retain their killing properties for several weeks. A contact acaricide is effective against eggs and the first motile stages of spider mites in ornamentals and vegetables.

Acaricides are pesticides used to kill ticks and mites. Acaricides include chlorinated hydrocarbons (e.g., dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane; DDT), organophosphorus compounds (e.g., Diazinon), and carbamates (e.g., carbaryl), pyrethroids (e.g., permethrin, flumethrin), formamidines, and avermectins.

Insecticides are any substance or a mixture of substances intended to prevent, destroy, repel, or mitigate insects. Similarly, acaricides are substances that can destroy mites.

Tick control with chemical acaricides was very popular at one time and was partially successful, but the drawbacks of using synthetic acaricides include harmful residual effects on meat and milk for human and animal consumption. Continuous use of acaricides also results in the development of resistant tick strains.

Miticide, also called Acaricide, is any chemical substance used to control mites or ticks (especially species that damage ornamental or food plants), which are not susceptible to commonly used insecticides. Azobenzene, dicofol, ovex, and tetradifon are commonly used miticides.

Amitraz is an excellent candidate due to its high efficacy in controlling OP- and pyrethroid-resistant B. microplus and its low toxicity to cattle in the dipping vats

Acaricides work by interfering with the nerves, muscles, respiration or growth of mites and ticks. Most acaricide formulations are not interchangeable. Products made for lawns should not be used on pets, and products made for pets should not be used on people.

An acaricide or miticide is a pesticide that provides economic control of pest mites and ticks. Mites and ticks are collectively called either acari or acarina. Some products can act as insecticides or fungicides as well as acaricides. An acaricide is a pesticide used to kill mites and ticks