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A clipboard is a thin, rigid board with a clip at the top for holding paper in place.
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Clipboard Masonite Brown
Freedom Stationary
A masonite brown clipboard that features a durable clip that holds up to several pages of paper. It is perfect for note-taking, displaying documents, and keeping all of your work nice and neat


A clipboard is a thin, rigid board with a clip at the top for holding paper in place.

A clipboard is a thin, rigid board with a clip at the top for holding paper in place. A clipboard is typically used to support paper with one hand while writing on it with the other, especially when other writing surfaces are not available.

The size of a clipboard is 9x12. 5 is the standard clipboard size. If you're looking for a different size, you'll most likely have to search for that size specifically.

Made of wood content, the natural brown finish of a clipboard looks professional on any job site. Clipboards can be made of many things. Most clipboards are made of masonite or particleboard, two types of wood. They can also be made from aluminium, steel, or acrylic, which is a type of plastic.

Search Shopbwana for Clipboards office supplies stock all the everyday stationery items you need for the office or workplace including A3 and A4 clipboards, clip folders and PVC clipboards. High-capacity clip with a built-in hanging hole lets you get a grip on large stacks of paper. Durable riveted construction. Holds Paper Size: 5 x 8; Clipboard Actual Size: 6 x 9.5; Clipboard Material: Hardboard; Clip Capacity: 0.75".

A plastic clipboard or an aluminium clipboard is perfect for an office on the move and ideal for those who use forms and notepads on the go for business.

Clipboards can be constructed from a variety of materials, including but not limited to, hardboard, aluminium, PVC, polypropylene, High Impact Polystyrene, and Foamex. Clipboards generally come in two different designs—single or folding. Single clipboards are the more traditional type and consist of a single piece of rigid material and some sort of fixing mechanism along the top. Folding clipboards are usually constructed from a single piece of flexible PVC with two rigid materials enclosed within. A folding hinge connects the two sections to allow the front to be folded over the content to provide protection and often to allow some sort of promotional print or instructions. Folding clipboards also provide additional benefits because of the extra space available, allowing the incorporation of pen holders and pockets for storage.