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Paper, design markers, compasses, T-squares, mechanical pencils and more.
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Drafting Supplies

Paper, design markers, compasses, T-squares, mechanical pencils and more.

Drafting Supplies consist of drawing equipment, materials, and tools used by architects and engineers. Find great prices at Engineer Supply on vellum paper, drawing boards, architectural templates, drafting kits, pencils, drafting board covers and more drafting equipment. A variety of large-format printing paper that can be used in corporate offices, engineering firms, architectural companies, and educational facilities. Find Drafting Supplies including tracing paper, design markers, compasses, T-squares, mechanical pencils, magnifiers, ‎Drafting Scales, ‎Drafting Tables, ‎Artist and Drafting Tape, ‎Architectural Templates and more on Shopbwana

Drafting materials and tools:

  • Drawing Paper.
  • Drawing Table.
  • Compass sets and divider.
  • Masking Tape.
  • Pencil Sharpener.
  • Eraser.
  • Drawing Pencil.
  • Triangular scales.

Tools Used by Draftsman

  • Basic draftsman tools include the T-Square, various straight edges, triangles, curves and erasing shields to keep projects clean. ...
  • Compasses allow draftsmen to draw exacting circles, while the French Curve tool creates curves from carefully plotted lines on the drawing.

The most important tools of a draftsman in drawing - Ruler. One of the most basic tools used for drafting is a ruler. Also known as a rule, it is a straight-edged tool made of plastic, wood or metal with measurement marking of millimetres, centimetres, inches.

The most important tool for drawing is the Pencil function of the software. In the Pencil Tool Preferences tolerance levels of the pencil movement can be pre-set. Checking both boxes in Options allows the continuation of lines after the path is highlighted.

Traditionally, drafters sat at drafting boards and used pencils, pens, compasses, protractors, triangles, and other drafting devices to prepare a drawing manually. Today, however, most professional drafters use computer-aided drafting (CAD) systems to prepare drawings.