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Learning products & teaching resources furniture, tables, seating & more!
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Educational Supplies

Learning products & teaching resources furniture, tables, seating & more!

Supplies like Charts, toys, recreational equipment and learning materials from early childhood to adolescence. Educational Supplies items provide access to play and learning, helping to regain a sense of normalcy for children and young people in vulnerable situations. With instructors who are equipped, Educational Supplies can support children to grow and gain skills for the future. Education kits that support learning programmes the Early Childhood Development Kit and the Recreation Kit. Pre-packed kits include supplies for adolescents, and for maths and science education. Find what you need on Infobwana.

Desks and chairs can be invitations for collaboration and creativity. When everything’s designed to work well together, everyone can work well together. And that the right environment can transform much more than a classroom or commons, or cafeteria. To help you create such spaces, browse for inspiration and recommended products.

  • A learning environment that leads to rich, dynamic instruction must be dynamic itself. It must be flexible and malleable, easily adapted to meet different learning and social emotional needs. This can’t be done with a static, inflexible learning space that cannot easily be changed.

Educational materials means visual and auditory media, curricula, textbooks, and other disposable or non- disposable items that enhance student understanding of the subject matter.

Teaching/Learning Materials

  • Story Books. Story books make great teaching-learning materials
  • Samples of Student Writing. Having students write can be an effective teaching method
  • Videos
  • Games
  • Flashcards
  • Overhead Projector Transparencies
  • Computer Software and Apps

The role of resources is to provide a source of learning experience for our learners, assisting the process of interaction between students and teachers during the teaching/learning process. At the same time, they help students to learn and increase their experience, meeting different learning needs.

This term has the same meaning: a learning and teaching materials used in the classroom. This can include teacher-made, pupil-made and commercially-made resources, textbooks, class reading books, dictionaries, e-books, stationery, worksheets and science equipment.