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Office stamps, company seal, corporate seal, traditional rubber or pre-inked stamps.
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Office stamps, company seal, corporate seal, traditional rubber or pre-inked stamps.

Self Inking stamps.can indicate whether an item is PAID, APPROVED, or a COPY. You can also order the versatile office stamp that includes 12 different phrases.

The sometimes called a tool used to stamp or emboss your company's important documents in order to show the document is certified by, and agreed upon by, the Board of Directors of the company.

Types of Rubber Stamps

  • Traditional rubber stamps.
  • Pre-inked stamps.
  • Self Inking stamps.

A rubber stamp is a small device with a name, date, or symbol on it. You press it on to an ink pad and then on to a document in order to show that the document has been officially dealt with. In Post Offices, virtually every document that's passed across the counter is stamped with a rubber stamp.

The short answer is; yes, you can generally use signature stamps as a legal authorizing mark. So long as your stamp is intentionally used and validated by you or an authorized representative you appoint, a signature stamp can serve as a legal form of signing. Now, this is generally speaking.

Signature stamps or Facsimile stamps as they are. sometimes called, are a great time saver for the. busy professional. They are available in self-inking, pre-inked or. traditional rubber stamp styles.

Yes, signature stamps are legally binding as long as the stamp represents the user's intention and is validated by you or an authorized party you select. Therefore, if the signature stamp meets these requirements, it is a considered legal signature.

Traditional Wooden Handle Rubber Stamps are best when using specialty inks because the ink pad is separate which allows you to use multiple colours of ink with the same stamp. Pre-Inked Stamps are more expensive because they last longer without needing to be re-inked.

Tax number. Company registration number. Business logo. Decorative elements such as ornamental lines, floral designs or borders.

Information to include on a Company Stamp

  • Company name.
  • Business address.
  • Logo.
  • Website.
  • Phone /fax number.
  • Director or CEO's Name.
  • Signature.

Stamps are made from high-grade rubber. If used correctly and cared for a Rubber Stamp should last a lifetime.

Seals may leave an embossed or raised impression on the paper, be imbedded as a watermark to deter forgery or be computer-generated. Stamps validate a document's originality and signatures with an inked emblem or identification

Instead of a signature and handwritten instructions, you can use a stamp to endorse a check in the endorsement area. The stamp should include the name of your business and bank, and can also include your account number and instructions such as "For deposit only."

Misusing or falsely using a signature stamp is considered fraud as it involves falsely representing that you have the permission of the signer.

In Japan, personal seals are used instead of signatures on legal documents, forms, and other places where Westerners would sign or initial. Everyone in Japan has at least one, and most people have a few different ones. The stamp itself is called a hanko, and the ink mark it leaves is called an inkan.