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For purchase online. bespoke sets, sizes and paper options also available
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Katies Zambia
Katies Zambia
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Handy Reminders Hand Cream & Notepad Set image
Give a gift set that features the perfect combination of self-care and organization. With a notepad and hand cream, you'll feel pampered and productive all day.
Katies Zambia
Katies Zambia
Gift shops & Souvenirs
Unicorn Tribe Bag of Treats image
Unicorn Tribe Bag of Treats
Stationery Set
Share a gift that contains fun treats for the little one. This unique, multicolour bag has a matching pen, a 30ml hand cream and a Unicorn notebook.
Katies Zambia
Katies Zambia
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Just Bee Magnetic Memo Pad & Pen Set  image
A memo pad accompanied by a ballpoint pen topped with a fancy faux diamond is the perfect gift for the busy person in your life! It is printed with a stylish bee motif it is magnetic and will also stick to metal surfaces allowing it to available when you need it
Katies Zambia
Katies Zambia
Gift shops & Souvenirs
Unicorn Love Stationary Jar Treats Set image
This nifty little gift is the perfect treat for someone who's crazy about stationery or unicorns – or both! Each unicorn-decorated jar contains the following: unicorn notebook, giant rainbow erasers, retractable multi-colour unicorn pen, unicorn eraser, wooden heart pegs and one roll of decorative tape.
Katies Zambia
Katies Zambia
Gift shops & Souvenirs
Inspire Notebook & Pen  - Setting Future Tasks image
A notebook and pen set for procrastinators, philosophers and for those that can't decide. A clever gift idea that reminds people that even though they may seem like they are procrastinating, they are really just for themselves.

Stationery Set

For purchase online. bespoke sets, sizes and paper options also available

In mathematics, specifically set theory and model theory, a stationary set is a set that is not too small in the sense that it intersects all club sets, and is analogous to a set of non-zero measure in measure theory.

Stationery Items

  • Pencils. Whether you like to write, draw, sketch, shade or doodle it's important to have a great set of pencils.
  • Erasers.
  • Pens. Having a good p is so important as it'll probably be the most used item on the list.
  • Pencil Case.

Stationery Items for School

  • Highlighter Pen. Highlighter Pen is used to highlight important information texts in books and to make the text easy to read.
  • Notepads.
  • Pencil Sharpener.
  • Pencil Case.
  • Eraser.
  • Stapler.
  • Pencil.
  • Whitener.

It derives from the word 'stationer', meaning a seller of books and paper – the products that would come to be known simply as stationery.

Stationary is an adjective described to use a person, object or situation that isn't moving or changing, while stationery is a noun used to describe a collection of office items such as envelopes, papers and cards.

Checklist for your small or home office:

  • Pens – blue, black, red.
  • Highlighter.
  • Permanent marker (Texta / Sharpie)
  • Pencil and pencil sharpener.
  • Colored pencils.
  • Colored pens.
  • Colored markers.
  • Eraser.

Children are curious, and that is how they learn, which means the options and variety of stationery items is one of the ways to retain their interest in learning new ideas, concepts and skills of writing and drawing.

Pencil, Eraser, and Sharpener

A pencil is essential for every student whether you're a schoolboy or a college student. If you're a college student then it would be useful for you to make graphs, charts, maps, or anything that you can't use your pen for. If you like sketching or drawing then you probably have it.

Stationery you need for Year 7

4 Ballpoint pens, blue or black 4 A4 Exercise Books 128 page 2 Ballpoint pens, red 2 HB Pencil Maths 1 Eraser 1 A4 96p 5mm graph book 1 Ruler 1 Sharp Scientific calculator 1 Glue stick 1 Geometry set (Compass, protractor etc.)


  • letterhead.
  • envelopes.
  • office supplies.
  • pen and paper.
  • writing paper.

Pencils - Whether you like to write, draw, sketch, shade or doodle it’s important to have a great set of pencils. Our assorted box set of variant grades means you can swap between the above with ease.

Sharpeners - Who doesn’t hate a blunt pencil! We’ve snapped too many pencils leads to know it’s important to choose a good quality sharpener. M+R make great single and double brass sharpeners. If you’re looking for something a bit more specialist, the DUX adjustable sharpener has 3 different sharpening settings.

Erasers - …Because we all make mistakes, plus there is nothing worse than smudging your page when using a bad rubber. Koh-i-Noor make a selection high-quality erasers that also look great on your desk.

Pens - Having a good pen is so important as it’ll probably be the most used item on the list. Kaweco have been making them since 1883 – Choose from a timeless Fountain pen or a more modern rollerball design.

Pencil Case - You always need somewhere to store all of your pens and pencils, Our HiDE leather zip pencil case is the ideal container for your stationery supplies.

Lay Flat Notebook - Our latest notebook, the lay-flat lets you write comfortably on every single page. The 90gsm blank pages give you total freedom when drawing or writing and with 300 pages means you won’t run out in a hurry.

Organiser - Stay organised, even when you’re on the go! the HiDE Personal Organiser let’s you store all of your essentials in one place and is perfect if you’re never in one place for too long.