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Booths, Table Skirts, Banners & Furniture. Custom Printed Backdrop Walls
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Trade Show Equipment

Booths, Table Skirts, Banners & Furniture. Custom Printed Backdrop Walls

Trade Show Equipment - Booths, Table Skirts, Banners & Furniture. Custom Printed Backdrop Walls. Stretch-Fit Fabric, Vinyl, & Illuminated SEG. Hanging Display Panels. Trade Show Linens. Skirts, Drapes, Runners, & Stretch-Fit Covers. Tabletop Displays. Booth Furnishings. Seating, Literature Holders, Flooring, & Promo ‎Trade Show Kits - All-in-One trade show exhibit kits with backdrops, furniture & display accessories. ‎Trade Show Tents in a variety of styles and designs perfect for any convention, festival, or outdoor function. ‎Trade Show Booth Backdrop to enhance your exhibit presentation. Find suppliers and the equipment you need on Shopbwana

Always make sure to bring some kind of Macgyver kit—including pens, tape, rubber bands, stapler, paper clips, scissors, Swiss Army knife, zip ties, thread, etc—to help keep posters in place, table tarps attached, and displays from falling to pieces. Even if you don't think you need it, bring it.

How To Set Up A Trade Show Booth

  • Bring in your best clients.
  • Keep an eye on adjacent markets.
  • Stay active on social media.
  • Compile an email list.
  • Connect with Customers at Your Trade Show Booth.
  • Meet the other exhibitors.
  • Demonstrate your product.
  • Host games, surveys or quizzes.

Trade show booth must-haves:

  • Posters are an affordable way to announce sales and events.
  • Banners make a bold statement.
  • Foam boards draw people in.
  • Branded clothing gives you a signature look.
  • Flyers help you reach new customers on the go.
  • Brochures have space to tell your story.

Why is a trade show booth important

Exhibiting at a trade show has many benefits. Whether it’s getting visibility, or credibility – presenting at a trade show gives you a powerful platform for meeting new prospective customers. In some cases, your very presence at a trade show informs the industry that you’re a reliable partner and brand.

Decide your goals

What are the goals you’d like to accomplish at the trade show? Is it meeting people, closing sales, or getting names + email addresses for your mailing list? Depending on your business objective, or what product/service you want to promote – you’ll want to decide what type of trade show booth will give you the highest ROI.

Promoting your booth

It’s critical that you make sure your trade show booth is highly publicized, before the trade show begins. Often, it helps to start a hype campaign the weeks preceding the actual show itself. If you build enough momentum and anticipation, you’ll see a flood of prospective and existing customers visiting your booth.

What is your company’s unique benefits?

Trade show booths not only communicate important information about your brand, they also emphasize a unique benefit your company offers. More than simply telling your prospects who your company is, and what product/services you offer – a good trade show booth will emphasize why consumers should choose you over the competition.