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You can reserve any type of accommodation at the hotel, lodge, guest or campsite
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You can reserve any type of accommodation at the hotel, lodge, guest or campsite

You can reserve any type of accommodation. This can be done either by reserving a room at the hotel, lodge, guest or campsite yourself or online which is the easiest and most secure way.

There are two types of reservations which include:

Guaranteed reservation – you confirm the booking by paying a conformational charge and on another hand the hotel or lodge also holds the room request until specific due dates and time of arrival. This is done to protect hotel or lodge’s revenue in case of no show until cancellation is done as per hotel rules.

Non–guaranteed reservation - A simple agreement between a guest and the hotel in which the hotel or lodge agrees to hold the room until 6 pm on the date of arrival. If the guest fails to attain within cancellation hours, the room will be released for resale.

The definition of a reservation is something withheld or the act of withholding something. An example of reservation is someone calling a restaurant and asking them to hold a table for a specific time. An example of reservation is a concern that holds a person back from doing something.

Purpose of Reservation:

  • The Purpose of reservation is enumerated as under:
  • For effective planning and to increase the efficiency of the given manpower, Machine, Money and material.
  • To forecast future room occupancy.
  • To sate the main product of the hotel, i.e. accommodation.
  • To minimize occupancy at all times.

The Groups module is used to make reservations for five or more guests who have some features in common (they are all from the same company and are arriving on approximately the same dates, or they are all members of an organized tour group).

The reservation request may be made in person, over a telephone, in a mail, via facsimile or telex, though the internet or online, social media, mobile apps, instant messaging systems (Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger) through a central reservation system, global distribution system or through an inter sell .

Reserver should be the person with whom the reservation is made, not the person making the reservation. The hotel is the reserver and the guest is the reservee.

If you reserve a room at a hotel, you keep it for a person who is going to arrive on an agreed date. I have reserved a room for you in the hotel.

Meeting Room Reservations

  • Clients must submit a reservation request online at Reserve Carolina and confirm two business days prior to the meeting or the reservation will be cancelled.
  • It is the client's responsibility to monitor the occupancy of meeting rooms. .
  • Furniture may not be rearranged.