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Super Hydraulic Brake & Clutch Fluid Dot 4+ image
A heavy-duty synthetic brake fluid formulated for use in drum & disc brake systems and designed with enhanced corrosion & chemical stability.
Engen Atf 22d Automatic Transmission Fluid image
High-quality automatic transmission fluids designed for use in automatic transmissions, power steering units and many hydraulic & hydrostatic systems.
Engen Atf Iii Automatic Transmission Fluid image
A semi-synthetic, multi-purpose ATF for automatic transmissions and power steering systems found in cars, light trucks, and heavy-duty vehicles.
Engen Premium 40 Monograde Engine Oil image
Premium quality monograde motor oil is designed for cars, light trucks and vans as well as certain farm equipment that require single grade oil
Engen Xtreme 15w-40 Multigrade Engine Oil image
A mineral-based, engine oil designed for use in petrol & diesel engines of cars, MPVs, SUVs and pick-ups, both naturally aspirated and turbocharged.
Engen Dieselube 540 Monograde 40 Engine Oil image
A monograde high-performance diesel engine oil developed to counter the toughest conditions in engines used in agricultural & commercial vehicles
Engen Xtreme 10w-40 Semi-Synthetic Engine Oil image
A high-performance engine oil developed with a blend of semi-synthetic ingredients which provide oxidation stability and outstanding engine cleanliness
Engen Xtreme 5w-40 Synthetic Engine Oil image
A one-of-a-kind synthesized performance engine oil ideal for the requirements set by highly stressed turbocharged and all multi-valve units
Engen Super Two Stroke Engine Oil image
A superior quality, non-ash forming 2 Stroke motor oil suitable for use in racing motorcycle engines, chainsaws, lawnmowers, scooters and generator sets.
Engen Dieselube 700 Super 15w-40 image
Keep your car running smoothly with synthesised protection that is suitable for engines burning high or low sulphur diesel
Engen Multigrade 20w-50 image
Heavy-duty engine oil for use in older, high mileage cars, minibus taxis, light commercial vehicles and equipment where oil consumption is of concern.
Engen Gearlube Ep 80w-90 Differential Oil image
Multipurpose extreme pressure automotive gear oil containing developed to meet the rigorous demands of manual transmissions, drive axles and final drives.