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Kerly's Law of Trade Marks and Trade Marks and Trade Names: 9th Edition image
Kerly's Law of Trade Marks and Trade Names has provided expert guidance on all aspects of UK trade mark law since 1894. Through a mix of insightful commentary and up-to-date analysis of case law and legislation from the UK and Europe, it is the reference for the provision of clear and authoritative advice on trade mark law.
Persons Injuries and Quantum Reports:  1992-1994 image
Personal Injury and Quantum Reports are full-text law reports covering quantum and liability cases. Drawn from the Court of Appeal, High Court and County Courts, many are unreported elsewhere.
Hudson's Building and Engineering Contracts: 11th Edition  image
Hudson is the recognised textbook on the interpretation and drafting of building and civil engineering contracts. As well as full coverage of English cases, it includes extensive references to Commonwealth cases and further references to US and some civil law cases.
Phipson on Evidence image
Phipson on Evidence
Sweet & Maxwell
The leading work on civil and criminal evidence, Phipson on Evidence examines in detail all aspects of the complex principles and procedures which make up the law of evidence
A Casebook on Tort:  4th Edition image
The law of tort remains heavily based on the cases, despite the continuing intervention from Brussels. Development of the law has come in a piecemeal fashion through a series of judicial decisions in response to individual actions. In the 7th edition of this casebook, Tony Weir delivers an authoritative guide to this central legal topic.
Jarman on Wills:  7th Edition  image
Jarman on Wills: 7th Edition
Business, Finance & Law
Sweet & Maxwell
A Treatise on Wills. By Thomas Jarman. Seventh edition. By Charles Percy Sanger, of Lincoln's Inn, Barrister-at-Law, assisted by Irene Cooper Willis, of the Inner Temple, Barrister-at-Law. In three vols. London: Sweet & Maxwell, Ltd. 1930. Vol. I, cccxxx and 595 pp. Vol. II, pp. 597–1524. Vol. III, pp. 1525–2266.
Lewin on Trusts:  16th Edition by Mowbray image
Lewin on Trusts: 16th Edition by Mowbray
Business, Finance & Law
Sweet & Maxwell
Lewin on Trusts gives an in-depth analysis of both general principles and practical considerations, covering all aspects of trusts law, including the creation of trusts, jurisdiction and choice of law, the role and duties, indemnity and remuneration of trustees, the rights of beneficiaries, dispositive and administrative powers concerning trusts, trust proceedings and remedies, and regulation of trusts and trustees.
The Fabric of English Civil Justice image
Sir Jack Jacob's book, based on his 1986 Hamlyn Lectures, draws on the insights gained over many years experience of English civil procedure to offer a panoramic overview of one of the most essential elements in any system of justice. The author begins by sketching in the fundamental features of the system and then discusses a range of issues and problems arising from every stage. The approach is critical, comparative, and reformist.
Negligence:  5th Edition image
Negligence: 5th Edition
Sweet & Maxwell
Charlesworth & Percy on Negligence is the title that provides an unrivalled depth of analysis of the torts of negligence and nuisance. It remains the number 1 title as it:
Snell’s Principles of Equity 12th Edition image
This text deals with equitable principles and remedies, together with their application in trusts, probate and mortgages. It includes trusts; administration of assets; securities; equitable doctrines; equitable protection; and equitable remedies.
The Ice Conditions of Contract:  A Commentary 5th Edition image
This book sets out the text of the contract, clause by clause, and provides detailed analysis, commentary and criticism. The fifth edition of the ICE Conditions of Contract, sponsored by the Institution of Civil Engineers, the Association of Consulting Engineers and the Federation of Civil Engineering contractors, carries the approval of both the professional institutions and the contracting side of the industry. * This book concentrates on the contract's practical and commercial consequences and technical difficulty * It provides a valuable practical guide both for the persons involved in the industry and for their legal advisors
Melville:  Forms & Agreements on Intellectual Property & International Licensing image
standard work for those concerned with the creation and effective commercial exploitation of intellectual property rights. With more than 170 fully drafted commercial forms and agreements, its primary focus is the law and practice of licensing the core intellectual property rights which underlie all intellectual property transactions and many commercial agreements.
The Supreme Court Practice 1999:  The White Book image
The Supreme Court Practice 1999 provides the most authoritative, reliable and up-to-date guide to civil court practise and procedure in England and Wales. In one source it presents, the complete Rules for the High Court, Court of Appeal (Civil Division) and County Courts, with accompanying commentary from a distinguished team of over twenty expert editors.