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Mujajati and Chirwa on Medical Law & Ethics in Zambia  image
Mujajati and Chirwa on Medical Law & Ethics in Zambia
Medicine & Nursing
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Along with the clergy and legal professions, the health profession is one of the three noble professions. The profession sits at the most important place in any civilized and healthy nation. It is for this reason that members of this noble profession, like all organized professions. are regulated by ethics and rules of conduct. The lack of Zambian Literature and reading materials on the important field of health professionals in Zambia necessitated the writing of this book as ground-breaking reference material to spark the interest in the field which has somewhat been ignored. The mushrooming of teaching institutions that are established health-related courses calls for literature and reference material that can enlighten the health practitioner, student and members of the public on various obligations that each has.