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Derby County Jersey (Home) 21 22 Season - White image
Derby County Football Club's home jersey is traditionally white, reflecting one of the club's colours and their nickname, "The Rams."
Derby County Jersey (Away) 21 22 Season - Blue image
Derby County F.C. has traditionally worn a black and white kit for their home games, given their nickname, "The Rams." Their away kits have varied quite significantly over the years, including a range of different colours and designs.
Brentford F.C. Jersey (Home) 21 22 Season - Red image
Brentford F.C.'s home jersey predominantly featured a red color. Here's a description of the Brentford F.C. home jersey in red based on that information:
West Ham United Jersey (Home) 22/23 Season - Maroon image
Details about the West Ham United F.C. Home Jersey beyond that point. Traditionally, West Ham United's home colours are claret (a shade of reddish-brown or maroon) and blue.
West Ham F.C Jersey | Player Version - Maroon image
West Ham United Football Club, based in East London, traditionally uses claret (a deep, reddish-purple that could be described as maroon) and blue as their primary colors. The club's jersey often features these colors prominently.