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ETG Agri Inputs Zambia is your one-stop-shop for Kynoch, Falcon and Zamfert fertilisers. The company also supplies an extensive range of high-quality seeds and agro-chemicals. Their trained team of agricultural consultants provide farmers with professional agronomic services. Since its inception, ETG has emerged as one of Africa’s largest agricultural conglomerates. Its footprint expands across sub-Saharan Africa, North America, Europe, the Middle East and South East Asian countries. The group’s supply chain penetrates deep into remote agricultural regions where they procure commodities from smallholder farmers through their strategically located centres.
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Acid Loving Plant Food  Basal Fertilizer  image
Acid Loving Plant Food is a balanced blend of acidifying agents and trace elements, which when used as directed will adjust the pH level of the soil to a range of between 5.0 and 6.0, prevent and cure Iron Chlorosis (yellowing) and restore natural leaf colour of plants and crops.
B Compound   Basal Dressing Fertilizer image
B Compound Basal Dressing Fertilizer
Zambian Fertilizer
Compound fertilizers are blended by using basic fertilizer materials, such as ammonia (NH₃), ammonium phosphate, urea, sulfur (S) and potassium (K) salts. B Compound is an enriched Oanic suitable for tobacco (Virginia), tobacco (Barley), paprika, vegetables and soya. Contains over 10% organic material.
Banana Blend   Basal Dressing Fertilizer image
Banana Blend Basal Dressing Fertilizer
Zambian Fertilizer
The blended fertilizer delivers nutrients to the banana crop according to what is needed as it is nutritionally balanced while alleviating deficiency problems. Suitable for Bananas and Palm trees as a top fertilizer
Super Veg Polyfeed  Basal Fertilizer  image
Super Veg Polyfeed Basal Fertilizer
Zambian Fertilizer
A highly concentrated fertilizer especially suited for high yield vegetables like indeterminate(or vining) tomatoes cabbage, potatoes and many more.
Copper-Edta 15%  Fertilizer  image
Copper-EDTA 15% is a single micronutrient of high purity. This Copper fertilizer dissolves rapidly and completely. This efficient product is dust free and is recommended for use at different phenological stages. The high level of Copper in our formula improves the production of chlorophyll.
Zinc Sulphate  Soluble Fertilizer  image
zinc fertilization plays a crucial part in obtaining sufficient yield to feed the growing population, and improve the diet of billions, since the zinc in the plants is absorbed by humans. Although Zinc deficiency can affect many crops, certain ones, such as wheat, corn, rice, cotton and citrus, are more sensitive to this deficiency than others. With this specially formulated product crop will have the proper nutrients they need to flourish
W.M.B Basal Dressing Fertilizer  image
Falcon Fertilizers presents a high-quality potassium-rich fertilizer for your gardening and farming needs. This fertilizer has been blended together for potassium deficient soils so it can improve stability to the plants, prevent lodging in maize and a higher quality crop production
Wheat Oemff Eearly  Fertilizer  image
A fine, dry, and highly water-soluble fertilizer, Wheat OEMFF Early enhances the efficiency of the wheat plant by promoting root development and chlorophyll production for photosynthesis. This fertilizer is composed of carefully selected nutrients that are specifically developed for an early application on the wheat to provide correct amounts of required elements for grain fill and quality.
Wheat Oemff Late Fertilizer  image
Wheat OEMFF Flag Leaf was specifically developed to supply nutrients that are mainly utilised for grain production and quality. This specialized formula has vital to the later stages of wheat growth and ensures a fruitful harvest.
Veggie Oemff Fruit   Fertilizer image
Veggie Oemff Fruit plays an important role in flowering and cell enlargement of fruit and bulbs. Mainly for fruiting vegetables i.e tomatoes.paper, eggplant chilli, okra etc. Veggie OEMFF Fruit, to complement the macro and micro nutritional requirements of the plant at a particular phenomenological stage. It supports and enhances root development, growth, flowering and cell enlargement and assists in the mitigation of crop stresses whilst attributing towards excellent yields and profits.
Veggie Oemff Grow  Fertilizer image
Veggie OEMFF Grow complements the macro and micro nutritional requirements of the plant at a particular phenomenological stage. It supports and enhances root development, growth, flowering and cell enlargement and assists in the mitigation of crop stresses whilst attributing towards excellent yields and profits.
Veggie Oemff Starter  Fertilizer image
A foliar fertilizer for all vegetables at the vegetative stage Fertilizer for Vegetables: Improve the quality and yield of your vegetables with Veggie OEMFF from Kynoch. Veggie OEMFF together with other essential fertilizer products has been specially formulated to meet the needs of the specific growth stage of your vegetable crops. Veggie Oemff Starter is effective early in the season where root development and the establishment of the young plant are of the utmost importance.
Sugarcane Oemff  Soluble Fertilizer image
As sugar cane is quite the heavy-feeder, a number of nutrients are required for optimal growth and yield from your crops. There are a number of different causes of nutrient deficiencies, such as low soil reserves, low or high organic matter content, high rainfall, a lack of mineralisation and many more. Important nutrients required by sugarcane plants through a specially formulated fertilizer for optimal growth include: Nitrogen & Phosphorous especially during the early and growth stages, and potassium which helps the absorption of nitrogen by the plants
Maize Oemff Fertilizer  image
Maize Oemff Fertilizer
Some nutrients are more important than other nutrients during specific growth stages. Mielie OEMFF is not a generic foliar feed. It is specifically formulated to meet the specific needs of a maize plant and the necessary micro-elements are chelated. Mielie (Maize) OEMFF enhances the efficiency of the maize plant through, for example, improved root development and improved chlorophyll production for photosynthesis.
Poly-Feed Npk 19:19:19  Fertilizer image
Poly-Feed NPK 19:19:19 Drip Fertilizer - Poly-Feed is fully water-soluble, high-quality formulae are enriched with magnesium and micronutrients. The wide range of products provides a complete plant nutrition scheme throughout the growth cycle. This fertilizer provides balanced and complete plan nutrition and is virtually free of chloride, sodium and other detrimental elements for plants
Soya Oemff  Soluble Fertilizer image
Used mainly for legumes which boosts the flowering in soya beans, beans and pigeon peas. Soya OEMFF contains macro-elements, secondary-elements and micro-elements in a specific ratio which is beneficial to Soya beans and can be used as a general application if needed. It is extremely useful if the soya bean plant was exposed to stresses like waterlogged conditions/drought and heat, cold or chemical stress and can be used under very high or very low pH conditions where specific micro-nutrient deficiencies are expected.
Pasture Oemff  Soluble Fertilizer  image
Kynoch's Pasture Fertilizer is a fine, highly soluble fertilizer that contains, macro, secondary, and microelements in a specifically formulated combination to enhance the vegetative growth of irrigated pastures.
Iron Chelate 13%   Fertilizer  image
Iron Chelate 13% Fertilizer
Starke Ayres
Iron Chelate is a concentrated water-soluble trace element powder, which, when used as directed will prevent and cure Iron Chlorosis (yellowing) and restore natural leaf colour on a wide range of trees, shrubs, vines, ornamental and pot plants.
M.A.P Tech Monoammonium Phosphate  Fertilizer image
Water-soluble fertilizers can be dissolved in water and added or leached out of the soil easily. Kynoch (Monoammonium Phosphate) MAP makes it easy to control the precise amount of nutrients available to your plants.
Kynopop Ws   Fertilizer image
Kynopop Ws Fertilizer
A fine, dry, highly water-soluble product, that enhances the vigour of the seedling and improves early root development. This fertilizer has been specifically developed to provide for the immediate needs of the young seedling to ensure stronger seedlings that can better tolerate stress conditions, diseases and pests. It is a well-formulated product that contains macro, secondary and micro-elements in a ratio especially beneficial to seedlings when used as a general application.
Magnesium Nitrate  Soluble Fertilizer image
Magnesium nitrate fertilizer provides plants with readily-available magnesium, which is essential for their healthy growth. The nitrate facilitates the uptake of magnesium by the plant, thus improving its efficiency. It also enriches plant nutrition with readily available, easily absorbed nitrogen.
K-Leaf  Water Soluble Fertilizer  image
As a supplement to broadcast soil application of fertilizer, foliar application of K Leaf offers a cost-effective means of achieving the highest quality crops. At the same time as assisting growers to produce crops with maximum export value, K Leaf helps to optimize crop yield.
Calcium Nitrate Soluble Fertilizer  image
Calcium nitrate fertilizer is a multi-purpose fertilizer which can be utilized in feeding plants as well as treating or preventing disease, particularly among fruiting plants. It contains both calcium and nitrogen and can, therefore, be used to treat plants that have deficiencies of either of these nutrients.
Prilled Urea  Top Dressing Fertilizer image
A nitrogenous fertilizer that can either be applied as soil drench or as a foliar spray to the crops. it is rapidly converted to ammonium and nitrate forms with the help of soil bacteria which are readily available for plant uptake.

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