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Good hygiene is an important safeguard in keeping healthy. The bacteria and viruses that cause these infections come into the home or public place with people, pets and in some cases raw food. They travel around via hands, surfaces and fabrics and good hygiene can help stop them making someone ill. The service providers in these categories will include product suppliers, office cleaning services, sanitary facilities. Find companies that provide essential cleaning, hygiene and waste industry resource, and an industry hub for industry professionals, buyers and providers.
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Splashh Cleaning Chemicals
Toiletries and personal care
Cleaning products and equipment
Distribution and Merchandising
Manufacturers of safe and environmentally sound cleaning chemicals and personal hygiene products. They include multipurpose cleaners, multi-surface cleaners, pine gel, pine disinfectant, spirit of salts, dish washing liquid, car shampoo as well as liquid hand soap and hand sanitiser. Splashh Cleaning Chemicals’ range of products are used extensively both domestically and commercially by guest houses, hotels, canteens, hospitals, schools, offices and general cleaning agents. The company's manufacturing processes are founded on the framework of approved ISO standards by the Zambia Bureau of Standards (ZABS), with a focus on excellence.
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Pyanga Cleaning Services
Office cleaning
Cleaning products and equipment
Pest control
With over 5 years experience, Pyanga Cleaning Services offers professional domestic and commercial cleaning, sanitary services, landscaping, waste management, garbage collection, pest control, vehicle cleaning, relocation and after-renovation cleaning. It also supplies a wide selection of high quality cleaning products and equipment. Committed to delivering a clean and comfortable environment at a cost-effective price, Pyanga seeks to take the stress out of all aspects of cleaning! They will come to your premises and give a free quote.