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Choose from a wide variety of companies offering professional agricultural fencing solutions in Zambia. Putting the most suitable fencing for your farm and livestock is of utmost importance if you want your farm to operate at its optimum level. A good fence provides a physical barrier to control the movement of livestock or wildlife in and around your farm. With a fence, you can keep animals within the farm as well as keep wild animals from entering your farm damaging crops or killing your livestock. Companies offering this service are not just there to take your initial enquiry, but are on hand to help you with any further information or advice you might need throughout your purchasing journey. Fencing your farm is a worthwhile investment because of its many benefits.
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Steel Lines Zambia
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With a fully capable manufacturing operation in Zambia, this company specialises in the production of Conforce, Brickforce, game fencing, and hard drawn wire. The company primarily serves the agriculture and mining sectors, as well as the construction industry and currently has two production plants in Lusaka. Steel Lines yields an impressive excess of 2,000 metric tonnes of wire per month along with production to specification. From planning, to human resources, through to manufacturing and processing, this company holds the highest standards of quality.