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Where to find seeds and plants for the garden. Tree and plant nurseries in Zambia will have a range of different trees, bushes, shrubs, creepers, plants and flower seeds to choose from. Many are happy to give professional advice as you plan your own home surrounds or even a residential development. Depending on the water supply and irrigation system available, choose plants that demand a daily soaking, succulents and desert-garden cacti or anything in between.
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Tree and plant nurseries
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Visit for a wide selection of unique arts and crafts products made from high quality materials crafted by skilled craftsmen. Products available include, but are not limited to kuba cushion covers, placemat sets, table runners, beaded jewelry, baskets, chitenge clothing, leather slippers, knitted and crocheted blankets, indoor and outdoor plants, reusable cotton face masks and plenty of other gift ideas. Custom made items are available on request and will be made to your specifications. African Joy is a manufacturer, exporter and supplier of quality Zambian handicrafts. Their range of products are designed and crafted by highly skilled artisans and are ideal for both gifting and decorative purposes. African Joy's newly purpose built location has a select range of handicrafts, soft furnishings, clothing and plants in a beautiful garden setting. Karibuni!