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Plastic is used to manufacture a lot of different products; it is also used for packaging goods. You will find manufacturers, suppliers, sellers and buyers of plastic and its products in Zambia. These products include: clear plastics, carrier bags, clear and black sheeting, printed balers bags, FFS films for water, milk and candle packing, shrink films, printed carrier bags, rice packing bags, bread bags, chicken bags, garbage bags, the list is endless. Find here manufacturers of HDPE pipes and fittings, PVC, for civil engineering, agricultural, mining, domestic applications and more. Manholes sewer pipes water supply pipes drainage pipes corrugated pipes reinforced screw pipes as well as the fabrication of bends, tees and laterals.
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Electrical components
Refrigeration and Air conditioning
Africab is a leading manufacturer of wires and cables, transformers, PVC conduit pipes and PVC trunking, line hardware and insulators, low and medium voltage products, lighting, water heaters, water pumps, air compressors, welding machines, motors, metering products and surveying products. The company also supplies a variety of refrigerant gas for air conditioning and refrigeration. With its quality control programmes, Africab continually renews its commitment to ensure reliable quality at a competitive price. This company is ISO 9001 certified as well as Zambia Bureau of Standards (ZABS) and Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) approved.