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This section gives you information where you can get details of on-going experiments, research and blood tests. These laboratories include chemical and medical providing facilities. Listed here is the different laboratories found in Zambia and the equipment and supplies they offer. Laboratories serve patients and their doctors, other laboratories, clinics, hospitals, corporate groups, insurances, research and occupational health establishments. The range of routine specialized and referral service includes: histology, cytology, hematology and coagulation, chemistry microbiology, molecular pathology. This category also includes suppliers of laboratory chemical and supplies and laboratory equipment for mining, chemical, and material processing industries in Zambia.
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Levant Biotech Company Ltd image
Levant Biotech Company Ltd
Laboratory equipment
Pharmaceutical products
Medical equipment and supplies
Levant Biotech is a healthcare company that supplies high quality top notch products and services at pharmaceutical and medical sectors. Levant Biotech is a new start up that was established in 2017 targeting the sub-Saharan African countries.
Chemsol Scientific Ltd image
Chemsol Scientific Ltd
Laboratory chemicals and supplies
Laboratory equipment
Chemsol Scientific is a leading provider of high quality laboratory chemicals and equipment in Zambia. It is an authorised dealer for the Merck, Sigma Aldrich and Millipore brands. With a catalog of more than 300,000 products, their life science business delivers many of the most highly-respected brands in the industry, such as Millipore, Milli-Q, SAFC and BioReliance. Chemsol’s offering covers every step of the biotech production chain, creating a complete end-to-end workflow with enhanced customer service, a simplified interface and a leading distribution platform.