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Find suppliers of medical instruments for hospitals, clinics, dental surgeries in Zambia. These instruments include stethoscope, measurement devices, thermometers, instrument sterilizers and more. General surgical instruments are used in most surgeries and form part of most procedures with additional instruments required for specialties like plastic surgery, orthopedics, eye surgery. Dissecting forceps, artery forceps, needle holders, re-tractors, scissors and other are essential items for general procedures. Abdomen, gynecology and obstetrical instruments, ENT, tracheotomy and tonsillectomy instruments, dental surgery instruments enabling procedures to be performed using less invasive methods, hollow-ware and sterilization instruments are some of the many specialist instruments required in the medical field.
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Medical instruments and supplies
A prominent healthcare company in Zambia that specialises in finished dosage forms, medical and surgical disposable products, medical instruments and equipment, laboratory reagents, veterinary products and medical tourism. Divson Pharmaceuticals believes in giving access to good quality healthcare products at affordable prices to the people of Zambia. It revitalises brands through innovative marketing and good customer service.