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This company provides a complete solution to crop health through the provision of fungicides, herbicides and insecticides, with highly experienced staff to advise clients on the most cost effective use of these agro-chemicals. Amiran also supplies a variety of seedlings to farmers and market gardeners throughout the country, and can grow owner-supplied seeds. In addition it offers irrigation systems, and telecommunication and IT products. Amiran only offers globally recognised brands.
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African Eggplant - DB3 image
African Eggplant - DB3
Plant Seeds & Bulbs
A deliciously piquant variety of African eggplant, commonly known as impwa, that requires less water than tomatoes, does well in sunny conditions and can grow on a wide range of soil types including sandy loams.
Cyromex 75 WP 500g image
Cyromex 75 WP 500g
Cyromex is a triazine insect growth regulator used as an insecticide and an acaricide to control leafminers, whiteflies
Defence 250EC 100ml image
A foliar fungicide that is used to control such as early blight, powdery mildew in a variety of crops
March 50 WP Benomyl 50% image
A wettable systemic fungicide powder for the control of diseases on a wide range of crops
Bulldock SC 125 100mls image
An insecticide with a very effective knockdown power and good residual activity at a very low dose rate. Bulldock acts as a contact and stomach poison and has a broad spectrum of activity against chewing insects such as lepidopterous larvae, beetles and sucking insects
Prove-Emamectin 1.9 EC  image
An Insecticide with a new mechanism of action and a strong activity against Lepidoptera and a high selectivity on useful organisms.

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