Automatic Turning Incubator 3,960 Egg Capacity

Automatic Turning Incubator 3,960 Egg Capacity

The Larget automatic turning incubator Eggtech has to offer. This massive egg incubator fully is equipped with universal egg trays which carry chicken, duck, quail and turkey eggs. If you are looking to buy an egg incubator, this machine will be perfect for your needs. Carrying capacities are 3,960 chicken eggs or 9,792 quail eggs inclusive of separate hatcher

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Eggtech Incubators
Poultry rearing equipment
Eggtech Incubators supplies advanced egg incubators and hatchers that turn automatically and use microcomputer temperature controllers. In addition the company offers supplies and equipment such as chicken feeders and chicken drinkers. Eggtech Incubators clients include poultry breeders and commercial hatcheries.