Hydrochloric Acid 37% - 2.5 Litres

Hydrochloric Acid 37% - 2.5 Litres

Hydrochloric Acid 37% for pH control, titrations, trace analysis, the production of organic and inorganic compounds, and in the regeneration of ion exchange resins.
K680 per bottle
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Last Updated 15 Feb 2023

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  • This product is suitable for laboratory use only. Wear protective gloves/ protective clothing/ eye protection/ face protection as you use this product. Hydrochloric acid pure grade (HCl) is a chemical compound that is an aqueous solution of hydrogen chloride gas. It has strong corrosive properties, a strong, irritating odour, and is colourless to pale yellow. The hydrochloric acid pure grade is produced by the direct synthesis of elements by burning chlorine in hydrogen and then absorbing hydrogen chloride into water. The product is marketed in a 37% to 38% solution.
Product TitleHydrochloric Acid 37% - 2.5 Litres
Product CodeSAAR3063054LCA

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