Succulent  Echeveria Elegans  Mexican Snowball

Succulent Echeveria Elegans Mexican Snowball

Succulents are plants that have fleshy leaves containing sap. The purpose that they have those leaves is so they can trap as much moisture as possible. They are found in desert areas but can be observed in multiple places around the globe.
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Echeveria Elegans Mexican Snowball, is the most recognizable echeveria. It possess a pale bluish-green, spoon-shaped leaves that can grow up to 2.6-inches long and 0.8-inches wide, and blooms a pinkish-red flowers with yellow tips from late Winter to mid-Summer.

Foliage leaves tend to be thick and fleshy, but some genus and species have thicker leaves than others
Mature Size range from 2cm up to 365cm
Watering indoor succulents should be watered every 14-21 days
Light varies on species
Toxicity Euphorbias and Kalanchoes are the only two succulent plants that are considered poisonous. Most succulents are completely harmless to animals. Additionally, most animals instinctively avoid eating succulents
Pestscale, mealy bugs and root mealy bugs, spiders mites & fungus mites
Problems Mildew and Fungus

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