1.5kw/Single-Phase Input and Output 220v/ Ip20

1.5kw/Single-Phase Input and Output 220v/ Ip20

The 1.5KW/Single-phase Input and Output 220V/IP20 pump inverter by INVT Electric offers reliable and cost-effective control for pumping systems. User-friendly design and easy installation
Last Updated 14 Mar 2023

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Single Phase Pump Inverter 1.5kW - PIISS2G1R5

The single-phase solar pump controller is a frequency inverter that converts DC solar power to 220V single-phase, for use with standard AC pumps. A typical application would be for swimming pool pumps.


  • System diagnostics
  • Motor-soft start
  • Over temperature feedback
  • Level control switch
  • Switch to AC backup power


  • Inverter Model: Single Phase Pump Inverter 1.5kW
  • Inverter Output (kW): 1.5
  • Maximum Array Power (W): 3000
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) (mm): 185x125x170
Product Title1.5KW/Single-phase Input and Output 220V/ IP20
Product CodePIISS2G1R5

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