Tovi Star High Yielding Hybrid Tomato Seeds

Tovi Star High Yielding Hybrid Tomato Seeds

This is the tomato with high vigour and strong resistance package. Tovi Star boasts a high yield and a suitable shelf life hence good transportability of its fruits
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Disease resistance

  • Target: Tomato Mosaic Virus ToMV 0-2 - Rating: IR
  • Target: Tomato yellowe leaf curl virus & Meloidogyne arenaria / incognita/ja vanita - Rating: IR
  • Target: Verticillium albo-atrum Verticillium alboatrum: Va, Vd - Rating: IR
  • Target: Fusarium oxysporum: f.sp.radicislyco persici: For - Rating: IR
  • Target: Fusarium oxysporum: f.sp.lcopersici: Fol 0-1 - Rating: IR
Yield150 T/ha
Shelf life 10 days
Plant typeIndeterminate
Plant vigourGood
Maturity75 - 85 days
Rate15,000 plants/ha

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