Actellic Gold Dust  Seed Treatment

Actellic Gold Dust Seed Treatment

An outstanding post-harvest insecticide solution for use against grain storage pests. Has contact, systemic &respiratory action. Inhibits enzymes-functions.

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Active Ingredient(s) 16g/Kg Pirimiphos-methy + l3.6g/Kg Thiamethoxam
FormulationDustable powder (DP)
Mode of actionHas contact, systemic and respiratory action. Inhibits important enzymes-functions in the nervous system leading to paralysis of the insects, leading to death.
Target/PestsGrain Weevil, Indian Meal Moth, Khaphra Beetle, Larger Grain Borer, Lesser Grain Borer, Mites, Red Beetles, Rust Red Graind Beetle, Saw-toothed Grain Beetle, Tobacco Beetle, Tropical Warehouse Moth
Recommended Dose50g/100kg of Grain
Pre-Harvest Interval-
Shelf Life-

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