Fusilade Forte 150 E.C Herbicide

Fusilade Forte 150 E.C Herbicide

A selective systemic post-emergence herbicide for the control of annual & perennial grasses in crops such as tomatoes, tobacco, groundnuts, beans and more!
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Further information

Application Rates

  • Soybeans, Peas, Groundnuts, Potato, Carrots and dry beans: Use 2 Ltr/Ha.
  • French beans, Onions: Use 1.2 Litre/Ha.
  • Sugarcane eradication: Use 5 Litre per Ha applied on the ground.
  • As a sugarcane ripener: Use 200-250ml/Ha in 200Ltr water using Knapsack.

Pre-Harvest Interval

  • PHI: Pineapples 7 days; Beans 60 days; Sugarcane 14 days; medicinal plants 32 days.


  • Do not enter the treated area within 1 day after application.

This product is also used for chemical ripening and eradication of sugarcane as well as suppression of grass growth and seedlings on verges. To produce the best results, apply the product before weeds exceed the 6 leaf stage.

The following crops may not be planted on treated soil for 3 months after application: Maize, Sorghum, Wheat and any other grass crop.

Active Ingredient(s)150g/L Fluazifop –P-butyl
FormulationEmulsifiable concentrate (EC)
Mode of Action Growth inhibitor (Inhibitors of acetyl CoA carboxylase)
Target/PestsAnnual and perennial grasses
CropsTobacco, groundnuts, beans, & soy beans
Recommended Dose150 ml/ha, Pre-Harvest Interval 3 Days
Pre-Harvest Interval3-8 weeks
Shelf lifeAt least 2 years from date of formulation, in its original unopened container.

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