Ampligo Encapsulated Insecticide

Ampligo Encapsulated Insecticide

A broad Spectrum Encapsulated Insecticide with translaminar and systemic activity, for the control of various insect pests on several crops.
K2,572.50 per bottle
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Key Benefits

  • Fast Action with immediate pest kill
  • Proven best in class efficacy against the control of Tuta Absoluta, Diamond back Moth, Fall Army Worm and all other caterpillars
  • One product against many key pests such as whiteflies, thrips, aphids, beetles, leaf-hoppers among others
  • Economical- Delivers strong action at a low rate of application while covering a broad spectrum of pests
  • Low PHI of 3 days
  • Long lasting protection
  • Safe use on many crops.
  • Controls all pest stages including the eggs and the Adult stages.
Active Ingredient(s)100g/L Chlorantraniliprole + 60g/L Lambda-cyhalothrin
FormulationSuspension concentrate (SC)
Mode of action:Lambda-cyhalothrin: Interferes with the nervous system. Chlorantraniliprole: Acts through ingestion, contact, ovicidal and ovi-larvicidal activity. this Dual mode of action combination is very effective.
Target/Pests Boll Worm, Tuta Absoluta, Lepidoptera, Yellow Sugarcane Aphid, Sugercane Borer, Semi-Looper, White Flies, Painted Lady, False Armyworm, Armyworm, African Bollworm, Potato Tuber Moth, Cut Worm, Diamond Back Moth, & Maize Stalk Borers.
CropsBarley, Cotton, Groundnuts, Maize, Peppers, Potatoes, Sorghum, Soybeans, Sugarcane & Tomatoes
Recommended DoseVaries
Pre-Harvest IntervalVaries
Shelf lifeAt least 2 years from date of manufacturing, in original unopened containers stored in a cool dry well ventilated place

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