Grade 8-12 Bus Fee - Silverest Route

Grade 8-12 Bus Fee - Silverest Route

Safe Transportation is available at an affordable fee for pupils coming from Silverest, Meanwood Airport, Avondale, Salama Park, Meanwood Ibex, and ZAF 71
K3,375 per term
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Last updated 14 Sept 2022

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1) Before paying this fee, you will need to inquire about transport fees and payment plans. You may contact Crested Crane Academy using:

2) When paying, please give the name of the student as a reference on the Address number line.

Product TitleCrested Crane Academy Grade 8-12 Bus Fee - Silverest Route
Meanwood AirportK3,375 per term
Chelstone PoliceK3,125 per term
SilverestK3,375 per term
AvondaleK3,125 per term
Salama ParkK2,750 per term
Meanwood IbexK2,875 per term
ZAF 71K2,750 per term
KapilyombaK2,875 per term

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