Converter  Static Converter  Ups Sebz 1100 V2

Converter Static Converter Ups Sebz 1100 V2

Microtek UPS sebz 1100VA is a pure sinewave UPS. Output Power- 760 Watts. Rated Capacity- 950 VA. (Combination of fans, lights, television and computer). Built with microcontroller based intelligent control design and pure sinewave output. It is most recommend home UPS for 2-3 BHK homes.
K4,328 per Inverter

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It does not create any humming noise from inductive load such as fans and it supports wide range of batteries from 100 ah to 180 ah. Over load/short circuit protection: If the UPS is excessively overloaded in UPS mode or encounters a short circuit, it will go into protection mode. The output will shut down in this case. Battery deep discharge/over charge protection: The UPS has in-built electronic protection circuit that protects the batteries from getting deep discharged or over charged.

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