Camel DIN88MF

Camel DIN88MF

Camel batteries include an automotive starter battery, start-stop battery. Camel batteries are widely used in cars, trucks, agricultural vehicles, golf carts, electric vehicles and other vehicles.
K3,187 per battery

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Brand Camel
Usage: Car/Truck
Nominal Voltage: 12V
Electrolyte: Acid
Warranty1 year

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Battery King Investments Ltd
Automotive batteries
When you depend on your vehicle for your livelihood, down-time is not an option. Battery King offers two premium automotive battery brands, the renowned “duCellier Automotive Battery” and the recently introduced “Camel Automobile Battery” which is a No.1 brand in Asia. They both carry a 12 month warranty. These batteries are suitable for cars, pickups, buses, utility vehicles, trucks, tractors and various construction equipment.