C210 Ride on Road Sweeper

C210 Ride on Road Sweeper

The functionality of the C210 fully enclosed road sweeper is the first model produced in China and won the national invention patent. Use four-wheel pneumatic tires, suitable for all kinds of ground. With Rear dual-wheel drive, Strong climbing ability, The maximum travel speed can reach 25km/h, which can greatly improve work efficiency. The main brush system can be improved as a whole and won the national invention patent. Suitable places: municipal roads, factories, colleges, parks, squares, villa communities, motorized and non-motorized lanes

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Product Features:

  • A high-quality product independently developed and produced with four-wheel vacuum tire configuration. The whole vehicle has obtained national invention patents and appearance design patents.
  • The garbage bin dumps garbage automatically, and the hydraulic unit provides power, which is safe and reliable, and improves the work efficiency;
  • Equipped with a 400L large-capacity water tank, with multiple nozzles, which can be sprayed back and forth, long-lasting operation, eliminating the inefficiency caused by frequent water addition.
  • Adopt high-quality intelligent electric control, with stepless speed regulation function, motor short circuit and circuit overload protection function and under alarm function
  • Two-way installation of electric power assist system, control is lighter and more comfortable, equipped with reversing image.
  • Integrating cleaning and high-pressure washing, the machine is equipped with high-pressure pump and high-pressure water gun,It can be used to deal with stubborn dirt on the road, cleaning trash cans and garbage pools, watering flowers and trees, washing cars, cleaning small advertising stickers on the wall, spraying pesticides, etc.
  • The sweeping system has obtained an invention patent. The main brush assembly system is lifted and lowered as a whole, with a maximum height of 12cm from the ground. It can easily pass various speed bumps and other obstacles.

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Model No. C210
Max. Performance 16000 m²/h
Cleaning Width 2000mm
Front Side Brush 2PCs
Back Side Brush 2PCs
Max Forward Speed 25km/h
Max. Work Speed 10km/h
Continuous Working Time 6-7hours
Grade Ability 35%
Water Tank Capacity 450 litres
Trash Bin Capacity 200 litres
Spray Method Front and Back Double Spray
Trash Dumping MethodAuto
Main/Side Brush Lifting Method Auto
Machine Net Weight 1200Kgs
Dimensions2900 X 2000 X 1980mm

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