Bright 'N Lite Funky  Grape Hair Dye Concentrate

Bright 'N Lite Funky Grape Hair Dye Concentrate

A semi-permanent Gra[e hair dye that is deep, lively and does not need to be mixed with crème peroxide moreover it can be placed straight on the hair.
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Updated 30 May 2023

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Further information

Bright 'N Lite Funky Colour: This suggests a brand or line of hair colour products that are designed to provide vibrant, standout hues. The term "Funky Colour" often indicates non-traditional or bright hair colours, which are becoming increasingly popular.

Grape Hair Dye Concentrate: The "Grape" part of the name indicates the colour of the dye, which would be a rich, vibrant shade of purple reminiscent of a grape's colour. The "Concentrate" suggests that this dye is a potent formulation, likely designed to provide strong, lasting colour.

Usage: As a hair dye, you would typically apply this product to clean, dry hair, making sure to cover all the hair evenly. You'd then leave it in for a specified amount of time, allowing the colour to develop, before rinsing it out thoroughly. Due to its vibrant colour, this product might require pre-bleaching for those with dark hair to achieve the desired result.

Precautions: As with all hair dye products, you should conduct a patch test before full application to make sure you don't have an adverse reaction to the product. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for use and care when using hair dye products.

Please note that this is a general description based on typical products of this kind and may not reflect the exact specifications of the "Bright 'N Lite Funky Colour Grape Hair Dye Concentrate". For the most accurate and up-to-date information about this specific product, please refer to the product packaging or contact the manufacturer directly.

For best results hair should be bleached first before applying Bright 'N Lite Funky Colour Hair Dye Concentrate

Product TitleBright 'N Lite Funky Colour Grape Hair Dye Concentrate 100ml

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