Introduction to Financial Accounting  8th Edition

Introduction to Financial Accounting 8th Edition

The eighth edition of Introduction to Financial Accounting has been fully revised and updated to provide comprehensive, contemporary coverage whilst retaining its highly valued short, student-friendly chapters and practical content. This essential text is integrated with the latest accounting standards and is packed with real-world examples and exercises to keep students engaged in this dynamic field.
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Table of Contents

  • Part 1: The Framework of Accounting 1. Entities and financial reporting statements (including the nature and objectives of financial accounting) 2. Financial reporting: institutional framework and standards 3. The Conceptual Framework: objective of financial statements, stakeholders and other reports. 4. The Conceptual Framework: concepts, principles and policies 5. The qualitative characteristics of financial information 6. Auditing, corporate governance and ethics Part 2: Double-entry bookkeeping (recording transactions and the books of account) 7. The accounting equation and its components 8. Basic documentation and books of account 9. Double entry and the general ledger 10. The balancing of accounts and the trial balance 11. Day books and the journal 12. The cash book 13. The petty cash book
  • Part 3: Preparing final financial statements for sole traders 14. The final financial statements of sole traders (introductory) 15. Depreciation and non-current assets 16. Bad debts and provisions for bad debts 17. Accruals and prepayments 18. The final financial statements of sole traders (advanced)
  • Part 4: Internal control and check 19. The bank reconciliation statement 20. Control accounts 21. Errors and suspense accounts 22. Single entry and incomplete records
  • Part 5: Preparing final financial statements for manufacturing entities 23. Inventory valuation 24. Financial statements for manufacturing entities
  • Part 6: Partnerships 25. The final financial statements of partnerships 26. Changes in partnerships 27. Partnership dissolution and conversion to a limited company
  • Part 7: Companies 28. The nature of limited companies and their capital 29. The final financial statements of limited companies 30. Statement of cash flows 31. The appraisal of company financial statements using ratio analysis

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Author(s)Andrew Thomas, Anne Marie Ward
Publisher - ImprintMcGraw Hill - McGraw Hill Higher Education
Print Length768 pages
Publication date01/01/2015
Reading Level / Audienceertiary; University or College
Series UK Higher Education Business Accounting

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