Ffp2 Evolution Folded Disposable Respirator  20 Pack

Ffp2 Evolution Folded Disposable Respirator 20 Pack

Was K342! Maximum protection. 5 ply foldable respirator with welded earloops. This product is intended to be used to provide respiratory protection to the wearer from a range of solid and nonvolatile liquid airborne particles such as dust, smoke and aerosols that result principally from the disintegration or general processing of minerals and other materials.
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  • 5 Ply face mask for maximum protection
  • Folded respirator
  • Internal plastic nose-clip with ear loops
  • Lightweight for easy breathing and speaking
  • SANS50149:2003 Approved


  • This product should only be worn where the employer has determined that FFP2 Respirators are appropriate for workplace hazards and where the wearer has been trained in product use.
  • This product is not intended for use as a surgical mask
  • This product is intended for single use only to a maximum of 1 work shift (8 hours) at a time
  • Use before the expiry date indicated on the pack. The efficiency of the filter deteriorates as the filter medium becomes clogged especially in the presence of oil and oil mists.
  • Facial hair, certain hairstyles and other facial characteristics may impact on the facial seal and thus the effective use of this product. A facial fit test should be conducted prior to use (see fitting instructions).
  • Do not attempt to disinfect, clean, alter, modify or repair this product in any way.
Packaging: 20's

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